Rare Japanese 'IKI NINGYO' 'Living Doll' Hanlin Gallery - Oriental Art $3500.00
Fine Japanese Palace Doll, Gosho Ningyo Japanese Art Site $12,250.00
Rare 18th Century Japanese Crawling Baby Palace Doll Japanese Art Site $4,000.00
Muromachi Period Ningyo, Museum Quality and Very Rare Japanese Art Site $13,400.00
Large Japanese Meiji Period Samurai Musha Gofun Doll Japonisme Arts and Antiques On Request
Pair of Elegant 19th Century Japanese Geisha Dolls Japanese Art Site $2000.00
19th Century Fukurokuju, Japanese God of Wisdom Doll Japanese Art Site $950.00
Ushiwakamaru Ningyo, Historical Warrior as a Boy Japanese Art Site $2000.00
Very Rare Hina Kazari, Wall Decoration of Silk Dolls Japanese Art Site $3550.00
Meiji Period Hai Hai Ningyo, Japanese Crawling Doll Japanese Art Site $1350.00
Isho Ningyo Couple, Tale of the Tongue Cut Sparrow Japanese Art Site $3100.00
Antique Takeda Samurai Doll Asian Art By Kyoko Inquire
The God of Wealth and The God of Wisdom in a Sumo Match Japanese Art Site $3950.00
Early and Fine Example of Kintaro, Boys' Day Doll Japanese Art Site $13,750.00
Rare Set of Five 18th Century Japanese Musician Dolls Japanese Art Site $2050.00
Award Winning Takeda Doll, Japanese Samurai Ningyo Asian Art By Kyoko Inquire
Mame Ichimatsu Doll in Antique Japanese Lacquer Box Asian Art By Kyoko On Request
Samurai Japanese Musha Ningyo Doll Asian Art By Kyoko On Request