Very Rare Anatomically Correct Bath House Dolls Japanese Art Site $2000.00
set of 3 Meiji period Japanese Hina dolls Asian Ethnic Artifacts $295.00
Japanese Antique Gosho Ningyo Doll The Zentner Collection $600.00
Meiji Period Gosho Ningyo w/ Daruma and Crane Gift Box Japanese Art Site $1700.00
Meiji Period Gosho Ningyo with a Gift Box Offering Japanese Art Site $1350.00
The Rarest of Edo Period Bijin Saga Ningyo Japanese Art Site $25,000.00
Edo period Japanese small standing retainer doll Asian Ethnic Artifacts
19th Century Bunraku Puppet and Painting of Osome Japanese Art Site $5000.00
small antique edo Japanese hina drummer doll muscian Asian Ethnic Artifacts
Rare and Intact Edo Period Pair of Samurai Ningyo Japanese Art Site $7300.00
Rare Pair of Girl's Day Palace Guardian Dolls Japanese Art Site $5000.00
Japanese Doll of a Samurai on a Horse Japanese Art Site $1800.00
Edo Period Ningyo of Toyotomi Hideyoshi Japanese Art Site $4000.00
Musha Ningyo Japanese Doll Shoki the Demon Queller Asian Ethnic Artifacts $750.00
Antique Japanese Emperor and Empress Hina Dolls, Meiji Ancient East $1,450.00
Antique Japanese Hina Dolls, Daijin Ningyo Asian Art By Kyoko On Request
Antique Japanese Chinbiki Doll, Court Lady and Chin Dog Asian Art By Kyoko On Request
Antique Japanese Doll, Large Retainer Doll Asian Art By Kyoko