Edo Period Maki-e Lacquer Table by Koma Kansai Meiji Bijutsu On Request
A fine Lacquered Bamboo Brush Pot Tora Tori Gallery $2,900.00
Japanese Black Lacquered Scroll Box, Fubako Tokugawa Antiques $95.00
Gold lacquer kogo incense box, Dainichi Nyorai, Japan, 18th century Welcome To Another Century P.O.R.
Old Japanese Lacquer Inro Boxwood Toad Masanao III Miyake Kisaburo 2ezr Inquire
Exceptional Shibayama Incense Burner Tora Tori Gallery
Exceptional Shibayama Incense Burner Tora Tori Gallery
Very Large Wooden Panel of God Daikoku Tora Tori Gallery $25,000.00
Large Cabinet in Gold Lacquer Tora Tori Gallery $25,000.00
Edo-Meiji Period Maki-e Lacquer Suzuribako and Bunko Set Meiji Bijutsu $2,480.00
Antique Japanese Smoking Set, Maki-e and Precious metals The Kura On Request
SHOKUDAI - Pair of Japanese Buddhist gilt lacquer candlestands t a t a m i $350.00
Portable small Buddhist zushi shrine with Bosatsu seated image t a t a m i $350.00
Fine Shishi Koro in Kamakura Lacquer by SHUNSHO Dragon's Pearl $3800.00
Pair of Picnic Boxes - Hokkai Tora Tori Gallery 3200.00 Euros
Japanese Gold Makie Box Goto antiques $380.00
Japanese Antique Folk Craft Mingei Ireko Oke Wood Nested Containers GALLERY TSUMUGI $250.00
Japanese Gilded Lacquer Tokkuri Goto antiques $450.00