Antique Japanese Bronze Lantern Taisho Period C.1915 Kodo Arts $1,600.00
Antique Japanese Large Bronze Vase Taisho Period C.1920 Kodo Arts $1,000.00
Antique Japanese Bronze Meiji Period Dragon Incense Censor C.1890 Kodo Arts $1,100.00
Bronze Vase with Wolverine Contemplating His Reflection Flying Cranes Antiques Ltd. On Request
Antique Japanese Bronze Turtle Garden Water Spout Kodo Arts On Request
A Rare Suiteki with Tsuba for its Lid Flying Cranes Antiques Ltd. On Request
Japanese Bronze Koro (Incense Burner), 19th Century Intandane Ltd t/a 69A £450.00
Antique Japanese Bronze Dojo Spirit Plaque C.1890 Kodo Arts $880.00
Japanese bronze vase William-Cozart, Inc. $600.00
Japanese Bronze Plate with Grapevine and Bee Goto antiques $380.00
Antique Japanese Bronze Vase The Zentner Collection $3,500.00
Katana in Shirasaya mount Oshu Ju Kuni Kane 17th century Tora Tori Gallery 7900.00 Euros
Bronze and Multi-Metal Plaque of Hotei Flying Cranes Antiques Ltd. On Request
Japanese Miniature Bronze Bonsho, Temple Bell, Gong Griffin Gallery Ancient Art $600.00
Large Iron Keys for Storehouse Kura Door Tokugawa Antiques $100.00
An Antique Jue Libation Cup -Shang Dynasty Form Ichiban Japanese and Oriental Antiques $195.00
Japanese Small Bronze Fang Gu Flower Vase 19C EastWest Gallery £ 40.00
Japanese Silver cigarette case marked K Hattori Asian Ethnic Artifacts $110.00