Japanese Bronze Koro CARLA SUE GATSKE $435.00
Meiji Japanese Bronze Jardiniere Elephant Herd 8tiger Inquire
Japanese Antique Abumi (Stirrups), Butterfly Crest Asian Art By Kyoko Inquire
Antique Silver Kanzashi, Large Geisha Hairpin Asian Art By Kyoko On Request
Antique Japanese Bronze Vase with Three Dogs The Zentner Collection $3,500.00
Japanese Metal Hairpin: Tama Kanzashi with Pink Ball Asian Art By Kyoko On Request
Old Japanese Kanzashi Silver Hairpin Asian Art By Kyoko Inquire
Japanese Antique Silver Kanzashi Hairpin: Family Crest Asian Art By Kyoko On Request
Late Edo-Early Meiji Bronze Mirror Ichiban Japanese and Oriental Antiques $295.00
Exquisite Pair of Japanese Silver Vases with Flowers The Zentner Collection On Request
Meiji Japanese Gilt Mixed Metal Mixmetal Komai Sty Box 2ezr Inquire
Massive Japanese Meiji to Taisho Bronze Censer Koro Elephant Finial Petrie-Rogers Gallery $850.00
Large Antique Japanese Meiji Bronze Handled Palace Vase Galleries $2,000.00
Japanese Meiji Bronze Striped Tiger signed Seiya Galleries $1850.00
Antique Japanese Large Bronze Temple Water Dispenser The Zentner Collection $4,500.00
Japanese Edo Bronze Mirror Kagami Tortoise Crane Pine Petrie-Rogers Gallery $250.00
Japanese Early 20th Century Rabbit Design Usubata Oriental Treasure Box $1,450.00
Pair of Japanese Antique Bronze Vases with Dragons The Zentner Collection $1,300.00