A Wooden Netsuke- Two Shi Shi w/Pup – Edo/Meiji
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18c netsuke WOLF with turtle by TOMOTADA Dmitry Levit Asian Art $4250.00
19th C. Japanese Netsuke: Horse on Base Seal Forestangel Asian Antiques $975.00
Netsuke, wood, brass, snake in rock, Japan Edo / Meiji era Welcome To Another Century Inquire
19th Century Japanese Bronze Alloy Netsuke: Rat on Raddish Forestangel Asian Antiques $675.00
KOICHI, 19th C. Japanese Nine-Mask Group Netsuke Forestangel Asian Antiques $675.00
18c Kyoto school netsuke DOG licking its fur Dmitry Levit Asian Art $3000.00
18c netsuke Zodiac GOAT Dmitry Levit Asian Art $2200.00
19c netsuke DOG with collar by RANTEI Dmitry Levit Asian Art $1900.00
TAMETAKA, Superb EDO Period Japanese Boxwood Netsuke, Mother and Child Forestangel Asian Antiques $11,500.00
19c netsuke PUPPY & butterfly by RAKU Dmitry Levit Asian Art $4500.00
Japanese Ivory Netsuke of a Seated Sennin Helen M Edwards $800.00
Japanese Marine Ivory Netsuke of Fukurokuju with Peaches, Signed Helen M Edwards $1,100.00
Early 19c netsuke Chokwaro SENNIN with staff Dmitry Levit Asian Art $1300.00
Antique Japanese tobacco pouch and silver kiseru pipe t a t a m i $800.00
Japanese Wood Netsuke of an Octopus in a Pot Flying Cranes Antiques Ltd. On Request
Japanese Wood Netsuke of a Penitent Oni Flying Cranes Antiques Ltd. On Request
19th Century Japanese Netsuke: Man Beating a Drum. Forestangel Asian Antiques $495.00
Early 19th C. Japanese Boxwood Seal Netsuke: KIRIN Forestangel Asian Antiques $875.00