Exceptional Edo p. Japanese Screen, Demon War The Kura Sold
Japanese Painting 'Scene from The Tale of Genji', **SOLD** Intandane Ltd t/a 69A Sold
Japanese Painting 'Scene from The Tale of Genji', 19th Century Intandane Ltd t/a 69A Sold
Meiji period Silver Japanese Hawk Screen, Honen The Kura Sold
Edo Japanese Silver Koi Screen, Carp, Watanabe Kiyoshi The Kura Sold
Framed Japanese Silk Painting of Sennin by Kodo The Kura Sold
Antique Japanese Two Panel Gold Leaf Screen The Zentner Collection Sold
Hawk Perched on Plum Branch, Kano-ha (1834) Kyoto Ceramics and Fine Art Sold
4-Hanging Scroll Paintings of Mountains Landscape Tora Tori Gallery Sold
Monkeys and Deer by Yoshimura Horyu The Kura Sold
Japanese Scroll Painting Daruma by Naonobu Goto antiques Sold
Japanese Scroll Painting by Asai Ryuto Goto antiques Sold
Takayama Shunryo Scroll, Shakyamuni Buddha in Meditation The Kura Sold
Japanese Antique Mt. Fuji Scroll Painting by Kazan The Zentner Collection Sold
Important Antique Japanese Screen Set, Mori Kansai R The Kura Sold
Japanese Signed Scroll Painting of Bird on Persimmon Tree The Zentner Collection Sold
Japanese Scroll Painting Kanzan & Jittoku by Watanabe Shoeki Goto antiques Sold
Screen depicting Tigers by Kajiyama Kyugaku 1804-1877 The Mandala Sold