Antique & fine Buddhist painting with Eleven-headed Kannon. Edo Dragon's Pearl $3,000.00
Charming painting of a young girl. Signed: Nobumaru. Meiji Dragon's Pearl $900.00
Very Large Width Painting - Reproduction of a Print Tora Tori Gallery 2900.00 Euros
Antique Japanese Bodhidharma Painting The Zentner Collection $450.00
Meiji Period Japanese Gold Screen, Pond Scene Kyoto Ceramics and Fine Art $950.00
Monochrome ink painting on silk depicting an ascetic; Tanyusai. Edo Dragon's Pearl $650.00
Rare Edo period scroll depictng Samurai racing horses The Mandala $650.00
Prowling tiger among windy bamboos, painted on silk. Dragon's Pearl On Request
Japanese Original Kyoto Fan Painting Original for Print. Meiji Period Brian Page Antiques £65.00
Japanese hanging scroll of hand-painted scene in Hell 1927 t a t a m i $1,500.00
Japanese 4-Panels Screen on Silk Signed Akihura Tora Tori Gallery 9,500.00 Euros
Antique Japanese paper folding fan early Meiji late Edo Asian Ethnic Artifacts
Hand scroll, shunga, painting, competition, Japan 19th c Welcome To Another Century Inquire
Scroll painting, jikkai-zu, ten worlds, Japan, 19th century Welcome To Another Century Inquire
Buddhist scroll painting, stages of decomposition, Japan, 19th c Welcome To Another Century Inquire
"Tanuki Spirit" Ex. Museum Piece by Ōtagaki Rengetsu Kyoto Ceramics and Fine Art On Request
Antique Japanese Small Screen Painting .C1910 Signed Nyogetsu Kodo Arts $880.00
Kano school tiger, sumie scroll painting, Japan, 18th c Welcome To Another Century Inquire