Japanese Swords, Fittings and Related Items

The Japanese sword (nihontō, 日本刀) has been called "the soul of the Samurai". Embodying the essense of the Samurai caste, it is as much a beautiful, technically excellent work of art as it is also a highly collectible, historical edged weapon. Hundreds of listings including katana (long swords), wakizashi (short swords) and tanto (daggers) from the Muromachi, Edo and later periods are available here for purchase from dozens of sellers. Sword accessories and furnishings including tsuba, menuki, fuchi-kashira, katana-kake and more are also offered for sale.

Antique Japanese Samurai Sword Wakizashi With Naginata Form Blade Hundred and One Antiques $1,400.00
Shinto Katana Signed Osafune Sukesada + Koshira-e + Shirasaya Tora Tori Gallery On Request
Authentic Edo period Suji Kabuto Edo Antiques $1,200.00
Authentic Edo period Samurai face mask (menpo) Edo Antiques $650.00
Authentic Samurai face mask (menpo)- Edo period Edo Antiques $725.00
Samurai Tetsusabiji 32ken hoshi Kabuto helmet ,Edo period The Mandala $4,600.00
Samurai Armor leather cover wooden box Yoroibitsu Kuyomon , Edo period The Mandala $680.00
Tanto in Mounts Signed Ashu Ju Ujihisa Tora Tori Gallery € 3700.00
Samurai Kaji Kabuto helmet shozoku with dragon makie , Edo period, G6 The Mandala
Samurai Kaji shozoku , Edo period, G5 The Mandala $1,150.00
Large Tembo Hot Stamped Iron Tsuba, Sukashi Decoration of Okiagari Spoils of Time $540.00
A Myochin Mokume Tsuba With Pierced Decoration Spoils of Time $235.00
A Bushu Iron Sukashi Tsuba, Clematis Motif, Signed Bushu Ju Masayoshi Spoils of Time $395.00
Antique Japanese Kubi-oke Head bucket, Edo period The Kura Pending
Edo Period Iron Tsuba, Stylized Wave Motif, Possibly Depicting a Mon Spoils of Time $675.00
Japanese Antique Tachi-Mounted Katana Flying Cranes Antiques Ltd. On Request
Yoshiro Zogan Iron Tsuba with Brass Inlaid Algae and Sukashi Mon Decor Spoils of Time $1,450.00
Daisho Iron Tsuba with Kao, Nunome Zogan Decoration Rice and Insects Spoils of Time $695.00