Wooden tool box of Japanese joiner hotoke antiques $200.00
Japanese Woodblock Print. Hiroshige. Kisokaido. Agematsu 1830s. Edo Brian Page Antiques Auction
Japanese Noh mask Marc Delorme On Request
Japanese Edo Woodblock Print Hiroshige Revenge of Soga Brothers Petrie-Rogers Gallery $350.00
Japanese Woodblock Prints, Yosai Nobukazu Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts $375.00
Antique Japanese Ranma (transom) with Rabbits The Zentner Collection $1,450.00
Antique Japanese Ranma (transom) with Rabbits The Zentner Collection $1,450.00
OMIKUJI-BAKO – Shinto/Buddhist wooden box with fortune sticks hotoke antiques $250.00
Rare Japanese Erotic Woodblock Print for Suguroku Game 19th.century Brian Page Antiques £150.00
Japanese Antique Wood Candleholder with 6 Iron Nails GALLERY TSUMUGI $120.00
Japanese Framed Contemporary Abstract Print by Takeshi Hara The Zentner Collection $725.00
Japanese colored wood carving Buddhist image with halo t a t a m i $180.00
Hannya noh mask Marc Delorme On Request
Hashira-kakushi, cedar wood, dragon with flames, Japan, Meiji era Welcome To Another Century Inquire
Hashiguchi Goyo, 1880-1921, Kabukido Enkyo Hawkes, Asian Art £85.00
Utagawa Kuniyoshi 1797–1861 Hawkes, Asian Art £185.00
Utagawa Hiroshige III (1843–1894) Hawkes, Asian Art £95.00
Ichieisai Yoshitsuya 1822 ~ 1866 Hawkes, Asian Art £95.00