Antique Japanese Works of Art

Antique Japanese decorative arts from the Meiji and Edo periods and before. Select from thousands of ceramics listings including porcelain, stoneware and earthenware pottery. Other leading categories include kimono and other textiles, netsuke and okimono, Meiji and other metalwork, tansu and other furniture, cloisonne, and scroll paintings. Some specialty categories are fine lacquer, Buddhist sculpture, woodblock prints, samurai swords and tea articles.

Exceptional Shibayama Incense Burner Tora Tori Gallery
Exceptional Shibayama Incense Burner Tora Tori Gallery
Stone (Granite) Gorinto 5-Tiered Stupa Pagoda Muromachi 15/16 c. Antique Stones Japan $1,200.00
Very Large Wooden Panel of God Daikoku Tora Tori Gallery
Large Cabinet in Gold Lacquer Tora Tori Gallery
Edo Period Tanto Meiji Bijutsu On Request
MARISHITEN - Shinto-Buddhist woodblock print talisman hanging scroll t a t a m i $280.00
Japanese Antique Textile Boro Furoshiki with Mending Patches GALLERY TSUMUGI $180.00
Antique Japanese Glass Door Cha Tansu The Zentner Collection
Yabu Meizan Satsuma Vase--Large 7.25" The Ivory Tower, Inc. On Request
Japanese Awaji pottery vase The Ivory Tower, Inc. On Request
Antique Japanese Bronze Image, Hotei The Kura $700.00
Antique Japanese Mishima Yaki Tokkuri Sake Flasks Set The Kura $250.00
Sale Pending
Antique Japanese Fireman's Coat with Kinko and Carp The Zentner Collection
Antique Japanese Tsutsugaki Futon Cover with Baku The Zentner Collection
Japanese Woodblock by Hiroshige "Famous Views of 600 Odd Provinces" Dynasty Collections $450.00
Old blue small paper box hotoke antiques $100.00
MAYUBUKURO - Japanese paper bag for cocoon 04 t a t a m i $130.00