Antique Japanese Works of Art

Antique Japanese decorative arts from the Meiji and Edo periods and before. Select from thousands of ceramics listings including porcelain, stoneware and earthenware pottery. Other leading categories include kimono and other textiles, netsuke and okimono, Meiji and other metalwork, tansu and other furniture, cloisonne, and scroll paintings. Some specialty categories are fine lacquer, Buddhist sculpture, woodblock prints, samurai swords and tea articles.

Very fine and Early Sosuke Japanese Cloisonne Enamel Vase ..Unsigned Stern's Antiques $2,600.00
Extremely Fine and Exquisite Japanese Cloisonne Enamel Tea Pot 1890's Stern's Antiques $2,700.00
Aka Raku Tsutsu Chawan by the 10th generation Kichizaemon Tan-nyu Momoyama Gallery Pending
Japanese Edo Wood Lacquer Carving of Hotei The Zentner Collection $1,200.00
Antique Japanese Bronze Temple Dragon Water Spout C.1910 Kodo Arts $2,200.00
Japanese Carpenter's Tape, Charcoal cloth Iron presser shape Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $65.00
Japanese Antique Wood Okimono of a Macaque Family Flying Cranes Antiques Ltd. On Request
Japanese Blue & White Stoneware Chopstick Rest by Rokubei. Meiji Brian Page Antiques £45.00
Japanese Stoneware Bizen-yaki Flower Vase with Mark. 19th. cent. Brian Page Antiques £95.00
Superb Aka Raku Chawan by greatest Kichizaemon Konyu Momoyama Gallery Pending
Japanese woodblock print by Hokusai. Namantique $850.00
Yamajawan – Japanese Tokoname proto-pottery bowl t a t a m i $250.00
Antique Japanese makie lacquered fumibako letter box t a t a m i $650.00
GAGI - Folk wooden tapping rod for Japanese thatch roof t a t a m i $250.00
Antique Japanese Ikebana Basket The Zentner Collection $1,400.00
Antique Japanese Single Section Kiri Tansu The Zentner Collection $700.00
19c netsuke SUMO WRESTLER by KOSHUN Dmitry Levit Asian Art $950.00
19c netsuke BADGER with shamisen by MEIZAN Dmitry Levit Asian Art $450.00