Korean Antique Head Side Chest with Inlay The Zentner Collection $1,500.00
Korean Choson Yonhwado Lotus Painting Silk Road Gallery $1,200.00
Korean Choson Bamboo Painting Silk Road Gallery $1,200.00
A Korean conical celadon small bowl. Ref: david baker oriental art $1850.00
A rare Korean white glazed reticulated vase. Chosen. david baker oriental art $9100.00
Korean Koryo Celadon CUP with provenance Shibui Art, subtle..... subdued.....pure $480.00
Museum & Provenance!
Antique Korean 6 panel Butterfly and Peony Screen The Zentner Collection On Request
Antique Korean Elm Wood Bandaji (blanket trunk) The Zentner Collection $1,400.00
Large Antique Korean Three-level Kitchen Cabinet The Zentner Collection $3,000.00
Antique Korean wooden serving tray signed Asian Ethnic Artifacts
A Very Fine Sea-Green Celadon Foliate Rim Bowl Harubang Antiques $1,400.00
Rare/Fine Total Paper Marche 3 Stacking Sewing Boxes Harubang Antiques $2,200.00
Korean Choson Yi Bandaji Chest Tansu Brass Hardware Petrie-Rogers Gallery $1,500.00
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A Very Fine and Rare Inlaid Celadon bottle Vase Harubang Antiques $4,500.00
Korean earthenware whitewear JAR, 19th Century Shibui Art, subtle..... subdued.....pure $190.00
Korean whitewear stem ALTER STAND , 19th C. Shibui Art, subtle..... subdued.....pure $230.00
A Very Rare Koryo Celadon Ewer with Incised/Carved Lid Harubang Antiques Please contact us for pricing
Large Korean Horn Calligraphy Artists Paint Brush Asian Ethnic Artifacts $295.00