Eight Framed Korean Painted Panels with Processions Dynasty Collections $1,000.00
Excavated Korean castle rooftile 4-10c t a t a m i $250.00
Antique Korean Framed Fish Painting The Zentner Collection $3,500.00
Unusual Korean Chest with Persimmon Interior The Zentner Collection Pending
Korean wooden candlestand Joseon dynasty t a t a m i $200.00
Korean Traditional Wooden Window with Black Iron handle Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $475.00
A Pair of Korean Joseon Iron Bells Goto antiques $200.00
Antique Korean Ginko wood Bandaji (blanket chest) The Zentner Collection $2,000.00
13th Century Celadon Bowl with Carved Lotus Blossoms,Symbol of Rebirth Korean Art and Antiques $500.00
Late 12th Century Korean Celadon Bowl of Elegant Form Korean Art and Antiques $200.00
Ancient Korean Goryeo Dynasty Ceramic Stoneware Celadon Lotus Bowls Zep Tepi Gallery USD $395.00
Korean Display cabinet Han Collection On Request
Buddhist Attendant Boy Han Collection On Hold
A Rare Korean Punchong Bottle Incised with Peony Blooms-16th C Harubang Antiques Please contact us for pricing
Lacquer box inlaid with mother of pearl Han Collection On Hold
Lacquer mother of pearl inlaid tobacco box Han Collection On Hold
Black Lacquer box inlaid with mother of pearl Han Collection On Hold
Korean lacquer box with mother of pearl inlaid Han Collection On Request