Antique Asian Art

A large selection of antique Asian works of art is offered for purchase from hundreds of sellers. Antique Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Southeast Asian ceramics (particularly porcelain), metalwork and textiles are among the most populated categories. Other well represented Chinese categories inlude hardstones and scholar art. Fine art, netsuke and furniture are among other leading Japanese categories. Sculpture leads Southeast Asian categories. The Indian Subcontinent is also represented. Visit Trocadero's active Asian art categories frequently for fresh listings.

16th Century, Very Rare Thai Bronze Seated Buddha $26,670.00
17th C., Shan, Rare Burmese Nong Bronze Seated Buddha and Disciple $20,000.00
Tsubo by Suwa Sozan I Meiji Bijutsu On Request
Edo Period Maki-e Lacquer Table by Koma Kansai Meiji Bijutsu On Request
Ancient Chinese Carved Stone Beads Over 2500 years old JJ Oriental $585.00
Antique Chinese Bronze Tripod Censer The Zentner Collection
Qing Dynasty Carved Jade Crab Buckle The Beantree Collection $700.00
Chinese hardwood brush pot L'Asie Exotique $3,000.00
CHINESE DEHUA CENSER Trikomsa Art On Request
CHINESE DEHUA CENSER Trikomsa Art On Request
Ancient Crystal Beads Abhaya Asian Antiques $500.00
Chinese Rare Two Dragon Martaban Jar - 18th Century JJ Oriental $3,900.00
18c netsuke COW & CALF by TOMOTADA Dmitry Levit Asian Art $6,200.00
19c staghorn netsuke WOLF with deer leg Dmitry Levit Asian Art $3,500.00
19c netsuke WOMAN at ball game by CHIKANOBU Dmitry Levit Asian Art $350.00
19c netsuke OKINA Sambaso MASK by RAKUTANI Dmitry Levit Asian Art $175.00
Chinese Bronze Gilt Standing Buddha on Wood Stand NY ANTIQUES $4,500.00