Antique Asian Art

A large selection of antique Asian works of art is offered for purchase from hundreds of sellers. Antique Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Southeast Asian ceramics (particularly porcelain), metalwork and textiles are among the most populated categories. Other well represented Chinese categories inlude hardstones and scholar art. Fine art, netsuke and furniture are among other leading Japanese categories. Sculpture leads Southeast Asian categories. The Indian Subcontinent is also represented. Visit Trocadero's active Asian art categories frequently for fresh listings.

Tokoname ware jar 16th century t a t a m i $500.00
Chinese Kangxi Blue & White Porcelain Square Bottle Vase Brian Page Antiques £750.00
Japanese Buddhist kokonoe-mamori amulet scroll t a t a m i $400.00
Korean Joseon Period Plate Meiji Bijutsu $1,450.00
Japanese Antique Coin, 2 Bu-Kin, Meiji Ban-Kin, 19c SANAI FINE ART & ANTIQUES $150.00
Antique Chinese Hardwood Cabinet The Zentner Collection
Chinese Rare Foreigner Tang Horse Groom - 618 - 907 AD JJ Oriental $1,800.00
Fine/Rare Punchong White Slip Coated Stem Bowl-16th C. Harubang Antiques $2,400.00
Extrem. Rare Punchong Bowl Incised with Character “天"-15 C. Harubang Antiques Please contact us for pricing
Korean Silver and Brass Inlaid Tobacco Box Han Collection On Request
Chinese bronze figure of Budai Nicholas Pitcher Oriental Art Ltd $1,250.00
Antique Horn with Monkey Head Bhadrakalpa On Request
Korean Joseon Period Jar Meiji Bijutsu $1,300.00
Japanese Antique Textile Cotton Furoshiki with Family Crest GALLERY TSUMUGI $35.00
Japanese Antique Textile Cotton Futonji with Tsutsugaki Orizuru Design GALLERY TSUMUGI $550.00
Japanese Edo Coin Calculation Tray, Zenimasu, from Tenpo 8th, E19c SANAI FINE ART & ANTIQUES On Request
Chinese Burl Wood Water Coupe ESL Collection $380.00
Chinese Ruyi Scepter Made of Zitan Wood, Qing Dynasty ESL Collection $450.00