Japanese Woodblock Print - Samurai - Meiji
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Complete Genuine Edo p. Japanese Myochin Samurai Armor The Kura On Request
Edo period Japanese Samurai Hanpo Battle Mask The Kura $400.00
Two Edo p. Samurai Sashimono Battle Flags, Honda Clan The Kura $750.00
Rare Japanese Hanagatana Sword, Carved Saya, NBTHK Papers The Kura On Request
Rare Collapsable Edo period Kabuto Samurai Helmet (not chochin style) The Kura $2,650.00
Antique Japanese Edo period Samurai Armor Mask The Kura $1,800.00
Antique Korean Framed Fish Painting The Zentner Collection
Unusual Korean Chest with Persimmon Interior The Zentner Collection $2,500.00
Japanese Antique Kiri Wood Personal Tansu The Zentner Collection
Antique Japanese Three Section Kimono Tansu The Zentner Collection
18c Chinese pewter TEA CADDY inlaid scholar objects Dmitry Levit Asian Art $850.00
19c Chinese pewter TEA CADDY children at play Dmitry Levit Asian Art $350.00
A rare Longquan "Golden Celadon" jarlet with moulded decoration EDMUND GRUNDNER Asiatica - Ethnographica €350.00
Kubi-e Samurai Tessen War Fan Painted with Head The Kura $2,450.00
Antique Japanese Kubi-oke Head bucket, Edo period The Kura Pending
Chinese Jade Toad Goto antiques $600.00
A Chinese Lobed Copper Handwarmer with Openwork, Qing. Galerie Hafner $490.00
shipping included
Chinese Elmwood Merchant Bench, Vendor's Bench Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $150.00