Antique Asian Art

A large selection of antique Asian works of art is offered for purchase from hundreds of sellers. Antique Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Southeast Asian ceramics (particularly porcelain), metalwork and textiles are among the most populated categories. Other well represented Chinese categories inlude hardstones and scholar art. Fine art, netsuke and furniture are among other leading Japanese categories. Sculpture leads Southeast Asian categories. The Indian Subcontinent is also represented. Visit Trocadero's active Asian art categories frequently for fresh listings.
A Sawankhalok Charger - 14th-16th Century (Ancient Thailand)
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Very fine and Early Sosuke Japanese Cloisonne Enamel Vase ..Unsigned Stern's Antiques $2,600.00
Extremely Fine and Exquisite Japanese Cloisonne Enamel Tea Pot 1890's Stern's Antiques $2,700.00
Rare late Ming Wanli period pear shape Dragon vase. Pigura Asian Art $1500.00
Rare Ming dynasty longquan celadon large bowl 21 cm Pigura Asian Art $1000.00
Antique Chinese Minorities Silver Hairpin Bhadrakalpa On Request
Antique Chinese Minorities Silver Hairpin Bhadrakalpa On Request
Antique Chinese Opium Pipe Saddle and Bowl Bhadrakalpa On Request
Aka Raku Tsutsu Chawan by the 10th generation Kichizaemon Tan-nyu Momoyama Gallery Pending
Korai Sake Cup Meiji Bijutsu $850.00
Chinese Ming Wooden Female Deity - 1368-1644 AD JJ Oriental $485.00
Antique Chinese 4th Rank Civil Wild Goose Silk Badge, Gold and Silver Heirloom Estate Services $650.00
Chinese Carved Grayish-Brown Sone Pagoda Post with Four Monkeys Dynasty Collections $1,200.00
Ancient Chinese Jade and Glass Bead Necklace JJ Oriental $795.00
Japanese Edo Wood Lacquer Carving of Hotei The Zentner Collection $1,200.00
Chinese Carved Gray Stone Pagoda Temple Post Dynasty Collections $1,200.00
Pair of Chinese Carved Stone Posts each with a Seated Monkey Dynasty Collections $1,000.00
Chinese Carved Stone Hitching Posts with Male Figures on Temple Lions Dynasty Collections $15,000.00
Antique Japanese Bronze Temple Dragon Water Spout C.1910 Kodo Arts $2,200.00