Antique Asian Art

A large selection of antique Asian works of art is offered for purchase from hundreds of sellers. Antique Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Southeast Asian ceramics (particularly porcelain), metalwork and textiles are among the most populated categories. Other well represented Chinese categories inlude hardstones and scholar art. Fine art, netsuke and furniture are among other leading Japanese categories. Sculpture leads Southeast Asian categories. The Indian Subcontinent is also represented. Visit Trocadero's active Asian art categories frequently for fresh listings.

ABSTRACTION – Old Japanese handdrawn map hotoke antiques $100.00
YAMAJAWAN – Japanese proto-pottery bowl hotoke antiques $250.00
SAGGAR OF SHIGARAKI - Japanese pottery kiln-tool 19th century t a t a m i On Request
Large Pair Taisho p Lacquered Bowls w/ Gold Lobsters The Kura $580.00
TARAI - Old Japanese bamboo-tied wooden washtub t a t a m i $200.00
Rare Chinese Han Glass Bead Necklace - 206BC - 220 AD JJ Oriental $3,800.00
Kangxi B/W Bowl: Eight Horses of Mu Wang Chilong Antiques Auction
19c netsuke OKAME & TENGU MASK by MITSUTSUGU illustrated Dmitry Levit Asian Art $1800.00
19c shunga netsuke man with mushroom by SHUGETSU ex Royal Dmitry Levit Asian Art $900.00
19c netsuke KARAKO & demon mask by MINKO Dmitry Levit Asian Art $1650.00
19c netsuke SHOJO ACTOR by SHUGYOKU Dmitry Levit Asian Art $1100.00
Meiji netsuke CRATE OF ORANGES by TOSHU Dmitry Levit Asian Art $1200.00
Bronze Pendant, Ordos Civilization, Ca. 2nd C. AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques €200.00
Group of 5 Chinese Qianlong Export Bowls Jack Nelis Asian Antiques €200.00
Set of 7 Qianlong B&W Saucers Jack Nelis Asian Antiques €200.00
Chinese Kangxi Jar with Dutch Silver mounts Jack Nelis Asian Antiques €850.00
4 Japanese Hirado B&W Cups and Saucers 19th Century Jack Nelis Asian Antiques €300.00
Qing Dynasty Bronze belt buckle, fine condition CJ JF Art $100.00