Authentic Antique Islamic medieval Sultanabad Pottery Bowl 1256-1353AD Hundred and One Antiques $3,500.00
Antique Medieval Islamic Mamluk Blue & White Ceramic Jar 14 Century Hundred and One Antiques $4,800.00
Extremely fine Safavid KENDI 17th century Antik Galerie Akenteng On Request
Antique Persian Oil Lamp Meiji Bijutsu $375.00
Antique Persian Sgraffito Splashware Bowl Meiji Bijutsu $680.00
Antique 18th c Islamic Persian Safavid Turquoise Glazed Ceramic Hookah Hundred and One Antiques $1,200.00
Antique Islamic Turkmen Uzbek Turquoise Inlaid Chlorite Stone Teapot Hundred and One Antiques $1,800.00
Framed Persian Qajar Moulded Pottery Tile w. Falconer, 19th C. Galerie Hafner $900.00
shipping included
Broken Persian Qajar Moulded Pottery Tile, 19th C. Galerie Hafner $300.00
/ shipping included
Persian Glazed Pottery Bowl; 12th C. Coins and Antiques Gallery $1,750.00
19thC Green Chanakkale Ewer Chilong Antiques £450.00
A Superb 19thC Persian Qajar Tile Asia House $225.00
Persian cobalt blue / iron brown glazed jar William-Cozart, Inc. $175.00
19th C. Persian Porcelain Hookah. Coins and Antiques Gallery $4,850.00
19th C. Persian Molded Pottery Tile with Bird. Galerie Hafner $380.00
/ shipping included
19th C. Persian Figural Pottery Tile w. Young Man. Galerie Hafner $380.00
/ shipping included
Antique Turkish Ottoman Islamic Kutahya Dish 19th centu Hundred and One Antiques $650.00
Antique Persian Islamic Ceramic Flask 19th c Hundred and One Antiques $540.00