13" Brass Tray Arab Islamic Mamluk Inlaid Cartouche Jasmine Salon and Bazaar $250.00
Arab Eastern Islamic Mamluk Inlaid 15" Brass Tray Jasmine Salon and Bazaar $300.00
Excellent condition Luristan Sword w/handle Rivets Priceless Past $595.00
Ancient Judean Bronze Spear or Dagger Priceless Past $225.00
Ancient Copper Point From Afghanistan 300 BC Priceless Past $119.00
Ancient Luristan Bronze Dagger Priceless Past $379.00
Heavy Ancient Bronze Persian Dagger Priceless Past $329.00
Bronze Age Antennae Hilted Sword ca 1000 BC Priceless Past $1095.00
Incredible Gangetic Bronze Age Sword ca 1500 BC Priceless Past $895.00
Persian (Iran) COPPER TEA Container with hook Shibui Art, subtle..... subdued.....pure $420.00
Silver Bracelet from Tbilisi Silk Road Gallery $130.00
Georgian Silver Salt Cellar Silk Road Gallery $195.00
Carved Wine Carafe Set Georgia Silk Road Gallery $275.00
Antique PRAYER GHIORDES { TURKEY ca. 1900 Eric J.Phillips Antiques On Request
Antique Persian Oil Lamp Meiji Bijutsu Sold
Syrian Bowl in Copper, Brass and Silver Ca. 1900 Jack Nelis Asian Antiques Sold
Painted Brass Persian Qajar Ewer Jack Nelis Asian Antiques Sold