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Ge-type bowl, 19:th century

Ten Chinese Ancient Beads JJ Oriental $485.00
Antique Japanese Two-Section Glass Door Mizuya The Zentner Collection
Small Blue & White Chinese Porcelain Jar ( Kangxi Mark), circa 1900 Intandane Ltd t/a 69A £95.00
Cloisonne Enamel Jar and Cover from China, Guangxu (1875-1908) Intandane Ltd t/a 69A £135.00
Great Copper Kettle (do’bin) By Okumura Sugaji, Edo 19th cent. Dragon's Pearl $2800.00
ABSTRACTIONS - Japanese calligraphed wood tray 19c hotoke antiques Pending
MICE - Japanese bronze small okimono Meiji period 19-20c hotoke antiques Pending
Qing Charger Abhaya Asian Antiques $1800.00
Vietnamese Blue and White Porcelain Jar Abhaya Asian Antiques $150.00
Chinese Han Stone Lion Weight - 206BC - 25AD JJ Oriental $675.00
Japanese Antique Iron Tsuba with Buddhist Theme Flying Cranes Antiques Ltd. On Request
Monumental 18th Century St Clement's Faience Lion, France Griffin Gallery Ancient Art $6,000.00
Chinese overlay glass snuff bottle dated 1836 Nirvana Oriental Antiques $1,200.00
one item
Cypriot Bichrome Ware Terracotta Chariot Griffin Gallery Ancient Art $5,000.00
Hannya noh mask Marc Delorme On Request
Nicely Detailed Seated Bronze Buddha - Late Qing E & M Perez $425.00
Blue and white wine cup and saucer, Kangxi Global Ceramics $230.00
Large Mexican Festival Santiaguito Jaguar Body Mask Ancient East $1,850.00