All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Ancient World : Egyptian : Bronze : Pre AD 1000 item #660991
This bronze constituted part of the rarely-used Hemhemet Crown of a large statue of a pharaoh or Osiris. Above the ram's horn of Amon rises the elements of the basket-work crown of Upper Egypt and the Cobra of Lower Egypt. Details of all the surfaces are very clear, including sections of copper inlay, at one time probably gilded, on the snake's body. New Kingdom, Sixteenth to Fourteenth Centuries B.C. Excellent patinated condition, approximately 3-1/2 inches by two inches.
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Chinese : Lacquer : Pre 1910 item #660945 (stock #L8J2brownCin)
A beautiful Chinese lacquer box, with an apocryphal Qianlong gold tone metal plate on the underside. This unique box has China painted on the inside which indicates about an 1890 date when the McKinley act was introduced. The box measures 5 3/4" x 4" x 2" and is very dense and heavy for its size. It is a charming and inexpensive example for your existing lacquer collection.
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Tea Articles : Pre 1900 item #660631 (stock #L8J2satTeaSe)
Unique and charming partial Satsuma tea set. The teapot and sugar are signed by Kinkozan; an unusual feature to this set is a large protruded swirl on the base bottoms that is a part of the potting. Each is in excellent condition, except for the tea cup which has some staining and a small hairline crack to the rim, no other damages, chips, hairlines. Enamels are excellent and vibrant...
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Paintings : Pre 1900 item #660226
The Zentner Collection
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Beautiful 6-panel gold-leaf and raised gofun of a summertime floral scene of bamboo fences, Meiji period. Full size dimensions: 12' long by 6' high. Small losses in raised gofun areas. Overall good conditon.
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Southeast Asian : Sculpture : Pre 1700 item #660111 (stock #1-0446)
Statue of crowned Buddha, in royal attire, his hands in "bhumisparsa mudra" (taking the Earth as a witness of the veracity of his sayings), sitting cross-legged on a tall throne. A hole at the top of the crown suggests the presence originally of a finial, now gone, while a hole at the back means that the statue was held firmly in a niche via a tenon. Marble, with numerous remnants of the original pigments. Burma, 17th century. Height: 10 1/4" (26,5 cm)...
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Metalwork : Pre 1920 item #659850
Asian Art By Kyoko
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Antique Japanese silver kanzashi, the upper design part is gold plated with finely engraved three oak leaves. *This was one of the most popular crests among the warrior samurai class particularily among close devotees of Shinto. Top quality hand cut metal work. Circa (we think) Meiji period (1868-1912). 6 3/4" long and 1 3/8" in width.

*The Elements of Japanese Desgn by John W. Dower

All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Woodblock Prints : Pre 1900 item #659602
Ukiyo-e by Hiroshige (1797-1858):Japanese painter and printmaker, known especially for his landscape prints. The last great figure of the Ukiyo-e, or popular, school of printmaking, he transmuted everyday landscapes into intimate, lyrical scenes that made him even more successful than his contemporary, Hokusai. Ando Hiroshige was born in Edo (now Tokyo) and at first, like his father, was a fire warden...