Painting by Robert Wood: "Grand Teton" Meiji Bijutsu Sold
Painting by Kim Britov: “Onega village”, 1973 Meiji Bijutsu Sold
Painting by David Theyre Lee-Elliott Meiji Bijutsu Sold
Luminous Interior Portrait CARLE BLENNER 1862-1952 E & M Perez Sold
View of Grand Canal Venice KARL KAUFFMANN Oil/Panel E & M Perez Sold
Ship's Portrait with Red Ensign - the 'Eagle Hull' Spoils of Time Sold
Japanese Scroll Painting by Mori Kansai Goto antiques Sold
Venice by Alexander Brownlie Docharty (b.1862) STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. Sold
Japanese Shunga Picture Scroll Goto antiques Sold
Japanese Scroll Painting Rock by Himejima Chikugai Goto antiques Sold
Curious 19thC N. European Watercolour: Turk & Wild Man Chilong Antiques Sold
Japanese Scroll Painting Two Carps by Kosen Goto antiques Sold
Army on the Move by D.K Seavey (World War One ) Ancient Eyes Sold
California Hills: Rancho Mirage by Juan Guzman Ancient Eyes Sold
American Oil on Canvas Portrait by Anna Lynch Heirloom Estate Services Sold
Enamel painting by Singapore artist Chieu Shuey Fook Kingston Bay Gallery Sold
Oil painting by Rockport artist R. Seager (1930 - 2005) Kingston Bay Gallery Sold
20th C. Mountain Landscape : Bessie Taylor Ancient Eyes Sold