Walton Blodgett pencil drawing of Train station Antiques Collaborative, Inc. Sold
BRUNO LUCCHESI Bronze Bas Relief - After the Bath E & M Perez Sold
Dennis Sheehan painting - Winter sunset in a marsh Antiques Collaborative, Inc. Sold
Jacob Greenleaf painting of Vermont Village in Autumn Antiques Collaborative, Inc. Sold
Robert Gruppe autumnal painting - Trout Stream, Vermont Antiques Collaborative, Inc. Sold
Dennis Sheehan winter sunset painting Antiques Collaborative, Inc. Sold
Lively Wire Sculpture 1966 Bert Schwartz "High Wire" E & M Perez Sold
Modernist Black Marble "Head" LILY ENTE 1954 Woodstock E & M Perez Sold
Antoine Obin, A Sunday Carnival, Cap-Haitien Arte del Pueblo Sold
Modernist Medallion New York City 1979 Therese Dufresne E & M Perez Sold
Thomas R. Curtin VT painting - Winter Stream and Farm Antiques Collaborative, Inc. Sold
Henry Turner Bailey (American, 1865–1931) STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. Sold
Gloucester/Rockport Scene - Bertha E. Baxter 1939 WPA E & M Perez Sold
California Redwoods - Charles Henry Harmon (1859-1936) E & M Perez Sold
James Bucknell Russell (Scottish, born 1867) STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. Sold
Thomas R. Curtin painting - Rushing Stream Antiques Collaborative, Inc. Sold
Beautiful O/C Young Blonde Girl with Flowers ca 1880 E & M Perez Sold
Monogramed Sepia Drawing - Exotic Art Deco Woman E & M Perez Sold