MAGE-WAPPA - Japanese large lacquered bentwood container t a t a m i Sold
Chinese kosometsuke blue and white kraak porcelain dish t a t a m i Sold
SHOKI - Japanese roof tile statue as plague-queller t a t a m i Sold
YABANE OF TIGER – Hidden handpainted woodboard by master carpenter t a t a m i Sold
TANZEN – Vintage Japanese long padded cotton kimono coat hotoke antiques Sold
NORAGI – Vintage Japanese patched indigo dye cotton vest hotoke antiques Sold
ORIGAMI AND KIRIE – Japanese handmade sample book 1936 t a t a m i Sold
Lava boulder – Antique Japanese bronze vase t a t a m i Sold
Old Japanese Shigaraki ware jar Edo period t a t a m i Sold
Japanese plasterer's work board t a t a m i Sold
Japanese Karatsu ware tea bowl hotoke antiques Sold
Three-color mold of paper mache lucky Daruma doll hotoke antiques Sold
Pair of Japanese coloured Inari fox clay dolls t a t a m i Sold
ZUSHI – Japanese folk wooden Shinto shrine t a t a m i Sold
Black mingei wooden candlestick hotoke antiques Sold
Black sabi rust bowl hotoke antiques Sold
Large Taisho to Showa 15" High Japanese Cloisonne Enamel Vase Flowers Petrie-Rogers Gallery Sold
Four long-footed gnarl beast for Japanese tea ceremony room t a t a m i Sold