Tropical photo book during Southern Operations 1942 hotoke antiques Sold
Faces of drift skull hotoke antiques Sold
Jizo Bodhisattva – Japanese folk wood carving image Showa 20c hotoke antiques Sold
Meiping flask of unidentified Japanese black pottery 20c hotoke antiques Sold
Japanese Meiji Satsuma Earthenware Tripod Koro or Vessel Samurai Petrie-Rogers Gallery Sold
Imperial 19thC Satsuma Vase w/ Sunflowers Chilong Antiques Sold
Kisshoten - Wood carving sri-mahadevi statue in zushi shrine t a t a m i Sold
Negoro red lacquered bowl Edo period t a t a m i Sold
Shadow Buddha - slide type wooden shrine box t a t a m i Sold
Japanese cotton jacket for Shugendo mountain ascetic S t a t a m i Sold
Japanese Iron hanging Toro lantern t a t a m i Sold
5 piece set of Tatoshi kimono wrapping papers t a t a m i Sold
Attractive Arita Kakiemon Style Dish c. 1700 Chilong Antiques Sold
Large Jomon Zogan Kata-tsubo by Shimaoka Tatsuzo Meiji Bijutsu Sold
Kinrende Hohin by Seifu Yohei III Meiji Bijutsu Sold
Japanese copper-green glazed Agano ware jar t a t a m i Sold
Thai Buddhist monk's iron bottomless alms bowl hotoke antiques Sold
Wooden dish-cloth hangers with Japanese doll's hands t a t a m i Sold