Small Nishiura Enji Baluster Vase Chilong Antiques Sold
Meiji Period Set of Bronze Shishi Meiji Bijutsu Sold
Gohonte Ido Chawan Meiji Bijutsu Sold
Congratulation - Japanese outsider art brut calligraphy t a t a m i Sold
Antique Japanese Bamboo lattice Taisho period t a t a m i Sold
Antique Japanese iron fixing nails for roof tile hotoke antiques Sold
Vintage Japanese wooden girl hagoita battledore hotoke antiques Sold
Antique Japanese mingei wooden kitchen knife holder hotoke antiques Sold
Mashiko Meoto Yunomi Set by Shimaoka Tatsuzo Meiji Bijutsu Sold
Repaired antique Japanese wooden Oboke storage container t a t a m i Sold
Antique Japanese Large Tatoshi kimono wrapping paper a t a t a m i Sold
Antique Japanese leather pillow early 20c t a t a m i Sold
Edo Period Maki-e Three Compartment Maki-e Lacquer Box Meiji Bijutsu Sold
Edo period Lacquer Inro Meiji Bijutsu Sold
Elegant Meiji Period Miniature Vase by Seifu Yohei III Meiji Bijutsu Sold
Old wooden signboard of Tsutakan kimono shop hotoke antiques Sold
Shakudo and Mixed Metal Fuchi-Kashira, Gold, Silver Flowers Decoration Spoils of Time Sold
Antique Japanese wooden vase of Horyu-ji temple t a t a m i Sold