Abstraction – Japanese wooden board hotoke antiques Sold
Tohi - Wooden shuttle specially for sakiori textile hotoke antiques Sold
Pr. Kangxi Dehua Blanc de Chine Libation Cups, Late 17thC Chilong Antiques
Large Qianlong Cinnabar Lacquer Landscape Box (Damaged) Chilong Antiques
TIGER – Japanese painting between outsider and folk art hotoke antiques Sold
Japanese boro army pants 1940s hotoke antiques Sold
Manjukasa – Japanese knitted straw rain hat hotoke antiques Sold
Wooden pyramid lantern base with single small drawer Edo period t a t a m i Sold
Hagi tea bowl by Saka Koraizaemon IV t a t a m i Sold
Chinese Liao Amber Glazed Flask - Liao 907 - 1125 AD JJ Oriental Sold
Japanese wooden box Edo period 18-19c t a t a m i Sold
Tokoname ware jar Muromachi period 1333-1573 t a t a m i Sold
Japanese lacquered bento lunch box hotoke antiques Sold
Japanese hiragana letter wood block stamps in box 19c hotoke antiques Sold
Jiaqing Cloisonne Baluster Vase Chilong Antiques Sold
Drawing book of an anonymous Japanese child painter t a t a m i Sold
Zushi – Japanese wooden miniature shrine hotoke antiques Sold
Tropical photo book during Southern Operations 1942 hotoke antiques Sold