19thC Turkish Glass Bottle Chilong Antiques Sold
Silver-Inlaid Cairoware Tray Chilong Antiques Sold
18thC Turkish Market Coffee Cup Chilong Antiques Sold
Zand Dynasty Fritware Dish Chilong Antiques Sold
Antique Tribal Necklace Asian Ethnic Artifacts Sold
Persian Cuerda Seca Tile with Young Man, 18th / 19th C. Galerie Hafner Sold
Antique Pair Traditional Turkish leather shoes Charoog Asian Ethnic Artifacts Sold
Large Persian Iran Brass Qajar Lobed Pictorial Tray Jasmine Salon and Bazaar Sold
Khorassan Bronze Oil Lamp Chilong Antiques Sold
Turkish White Metal Roswater Sprinkler Chilong Antiques Sold
Antique Persian Jar Meiji Bijutsu Sold
Persian Islamic Trench Art Mix Metal Shell Case Arabic 2ezr Sold
42 Turkey Amber Carved Bead Necklace 2ezr Sold
44 Turkey Red Cherry Amber Bead Necklace 2ezr Sold
17/19thC Iranian Tinned Copper Bowl Chilong Antiques Sold
19thC Qajar Steel Mace Chilong Antiques Sold
Old Persian Islamic Iran Silver Bowl Mk 2ezr Sold
Old Persian Iran Islamic Silver Round Box MK 2ezr Sold