KIRIE AND ORIGAMI - Japanese paper craft sample book t a t a m i Sold
Chinese Jade Hair Ornament Hongshan style JJ Oriental Sold
CARP VASE - Japanese celluloid fish t a t a m i Sold
Nepalese cowpat mask t a t a m i Sold
Old Japanese Buddhist bronze bowl t a t a m i Sold
HANAKAGO - Japanese bamboo flower basket t a t a m i Sold
Japanese colored wood carving Buddhist image with halo t a t a m i Sold
Kamuy-kotan stone, Abstract Japanese deep black suiseki hotoke antiques Sold
Yuan Qingbai Celadon Tea Bowl Longquan Gallery Sold
Miniature wooden Shinto Tenjin-sha shrine with God of Learning t a t a m i Sold
Rare 19thC Moroccan Pottery Tankard Chilong Antiques Sold
ABSTRACTIONS - Japanese calligraphed wood tray 19c hotoke antiques Sold
MICE - Japanese bronze small okimono Meiji period 19-20c hotoke antiques Sold
HYAKUNIN ISSHU – Japanese calligraphy poems on wooden tags hotoke antiques Sold
BROKEN WORLD - Plain Japanese cardboard globe t a t a m i Sold
FOX GODS – Pair of votive Inari stone sculptures t a t a m i Sold
EBOSHI - 5pc of Japanese Shinto black hemp caps t a t a m i Sold
Fourteen Rare Chinese Han Glass Beads - 206BC - 220AD JJ Oriental Sold