Japanese gilt-bronze buddha with zushi shrine Edo period t a t a m i Sold
Bonji – Japanese Buddhist makuri calligraphy of shingon sect hotoke antiques Sold
Old Japanese wooden tool box with six sliding doors t a t a m i Sold
Rusontsubo - Imported Southern Chinese strange jar 14-15c t a t a m i Sold
Chinese Peking Glass Snuff Bottle Interior painted Rabbit Stork Antiquarian Art Co.
Shandao in Gold - Japanese Buddhist hanging scroll 19c hotoke antiques Sold
Pair of Japanese A-Un fox god clay dolls 19c t a t a m i Sold
Wood carving positive mold of Hyottoko mask t a t a m i Sold
Wood carving patterns of tabi footwear hotoke antiques Sold
Uncompleted wood carving Buddhist statue hotoke antiques Sold
Confidential paper scroll for castle construction 1845 t a t a m i Sold
Attractive Chinese Hardwood Stand Chilong Antiques Sold
Guangxu B/W Fishbowl w/Hundred Antiques Chilong Antiques Sold
Pr. English Enamelled Kangxi Cafe-au-Lait Teabowls Chilong Antiques Sold
17thC Dehua Blanc de Chine Fo Dog Josstick Holder Chilong Antiques Sold
Fine Kangxi B/W Bowl w/ Warriors on Horseback Chilong Antiques Sold
Black and Red Cinnabar Lacquer Box Chilong Antiques Sold
Guangxu B/W Prunus Teapot Chilong Antiques Sold