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Most beautiful light green and cream antique silk costume with matching wire bonnet... fit perfect French or German doll about circa 19"/20" ( 50-52 cm )....for Jumeau - Steiner - Bru - Gaultier - Eden Bebe or other one of your favorite doll´s !!

It is a pretty most hand sewn one of a kind French dress of light green silk and pretty cream and green striped silk......

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Large ABG 698 German bisque doll offered for repair and TLC. She has been to a doll hospital in the distant past but needs help again to her body. She is 26 inches tall with blue glass sleep eyes. Her shoulderplate in front has been badly broken and was repaired. I did not find any breaks visible to the back shoulderplate. There is an uneven edge to the head rim as shown. One hand, the left, also had finger repair as shown...
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20" / 52 cm ...... Very beautiful earliest period inside " DEPOSE" bisque Bebe by Emile Jumeau with very delicate complexion with soft details , early original body and nice wearing .

She is one the rare to find inside mark Depose Bebe´s by Jumeau which was produced only a short time by Emile Jumeau .......

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Miniature half doll marked on the back waist Japan. She has blonde hair and painted features. Her cap and blouse are decorated with green, blue, coral and lilac trim. There are 2 sew holes front and back. She is 2 inches tall. Please note there is a faint hairline at the back waist to the right elbow.

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We brought this very special kasuri sashiko hanten jacket from the city of Hirosaki of Aomori prefecture (the norther most Honshu island). This type of hantens were traditionally made during the long snowy winters by women and were skillfully patterned with sashiko-stitches to strength the fabric as all as to add the warmth on the jackets...
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This is an exquisite and rare late 19th century Bouillotte Vitrine Table made from a beautifully patinated mahogany and directly inspired of the Louis XVI period more or less a century earlier, consisting of a round hinged top with inset beveled glass sitting upon a glass paneled belt revealing the display area covered with a burgundy velvet. All is elegantly supported by tapered turned legs on bronze feet. Note the intricately cast bronze ormulus highlighting the table...
All Items : Archives : Pre 1900 item #1276395 (stock #500549NM1120)
An exquisite late 19th Century Provencal Panetiere (Bread Bin) made from solid walnut and originally coming from Provence in the South of France, intricately highlighted with finials and adorably accented with floral pattern from the upper frieze to the single paneled recessed door and scrolled apron. Note several minor scratches and dents can be seen due to the age. Key and lock are in working condition. Circa date 1880. Dimensions 39”high/ 24”wide/ 14”deep.
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An ogee shaped bowl and saucer in thinly potted porcelain beautifully painted in Famille rose enamels and gold. Depicting inscriptions and historical figures. Dating to the mid 19th century, Tongzhi or Xianfeng period. Ref.: "The great fortune: The Georg Weishaupt Collection", ISBN 3-00-010306-6, pages 160 - 183. Condition: wear to gilding. Rim of saucer with tiny rim frits and hairlines, base with star-hairline. Dimension diameter: saucer: 16.1 cm, bowl: 11.3 cm.
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Fine, estate 18k yellow gold and genuine undyed oxblood coral cabochon. Top of this size 8ring measures 25mm x 14,5mm, natural red coral is 20mm long x 9.38mm wide. Weight is 6.4 grams. Condition is excellent.
All Items : Archives : Estate Jewelry : Strands : Pre 1920 item #1275945 (stock #5048)
antique genuine, un-dyed double strand tomato red coral bead necklace with silver clasp. The shorter strand is 15 1/2" and the longer one 16 1/2" long. hand carved round beads measures from 3.75mm to 8.45mm in diameter. Large silver clasp with coral cabochon works well, it is marked 800. Condition of this necklace is very good. Weight is 29.4 grams.
All Items : Archives : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Retro : Pre 1970 item #1275944 (stock #5047)
Wonderful, vintage 12k yellow gold and genuine, untreated double strand lapis lazuli bead necklace. The shorter strand is 17 1/2" and the longer one 18 1/2" long. Perfectly round beads measures from 9.55mm to 10.35mm in diameter. 14k gold clasp with lapis cabochon works well, it is marked 585 14k. Condition of this necklace is perfect. Weight is 117.7 grams.
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German bisque doll to dress. She is 22 inches tall. Her head is incised Germany 1912 and 4 point star for Cuno & Otto Dressel. There is a shallow firing crack done in the making on the rim and small chips around the neck socket as shown in the close-up. Her brown glass eyes sleep and retain most of the hair lashes. Her long blonde human hair wig is newer...
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S&H 1009 bisque doll socket head and original bisque shoulderplate incised 1041. The original wire coil and washer is included but has rust and wear as shown. The leather neck socket liner disintegrated but I will include a piece of white leather to fashion a new liner (not shown). The head is currently not attached to the shoulderplate. This will make a large doll. The socket head is 5 1/2 inches tall and the head circ. is 12 inches...
All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Pre 1910 item #1275709 (stock #3904-DSU)
Bisque doll shoulderhead incised S&H ( Simon & Halbig) 1260 DEP Germany Imperial 9. She is 6 inches tall, the shoulders are 4 3/4 inches wide and 3 inches front to back. The head circ. is 11 inches. She has amazing blue spiral glass eyes that have been set stationary. Her mouth is open with four upper teeth. As shown in the close up, there is a small crescent shaped chip on the edge of upper left eye rim...
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Sale Pending Layaway This 17 inch tall doll, circa the last 19th century, is completely original down to her fabulous black leather boots...
All Items : Archives : Pre 1910 item #1275477 (stock #LG14248)
This 11 inch tall doll, circa the early 20th century, was manufactured by the German firm of Gebruder Heubach. This character lady is one of my favorite molds. She has a slightly turned bisque shoulder head with a closed mouth and blue glass set eyes. I love her original mohair wig in original set. Her body is cloth with composition lower arms and legs ending in white socks with black heeled one strap shoes. The doll wears a lovely period dress with matching hat that is old but probably not orig...
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Antique blonde mohair doll wig with curly short bangs and hand sewn hair medallion in center of wig cap. The wig has a head circ. of 8 inches. The wig cap is hand stitched yellow non-stretch mesh with very light application of nearly clear glue around the circ. The hair is still full, slightly silvered on the ends with tight curls that are a little mussed. The hair shows more yellow-blonde underneath near the wig cap, as shown. It is a beautiful wig in a very popular color and style!
All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Pre 1920 item #1275459 (stock #3862-DSU)
Antique blonde mohair doll wig in long loose layered curls and straight bangs. There is no hair part. The wig cap is non-stretch yellow mesh with attached original pate inside. There is a little dried dark brown glue inside the cap and a couple open seams in the wig cap around the circ. The wig cap circ. is 8 inches.