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SOLD - Here is a pretty, Trendon Sasha, Blonde waif doll, for you to consider. Sasha has a haircut, which puts her in the waif category. This must have been done by her kiddie owner. She has pale blonde hair and blue eyes. Her bobbed hairstyle suits her, framing her face nicely. She is from the late 1970's, early 80's. Sasha wears a Christmas print dress, in red, green and white. The white collar and sleeve edging, gives her dress a fresh look for this festive season...
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TEMPO 4 1833

Antique serving box tray reusing the wooden boards with calligraphic graffiti from the Edo period (Tempo 4 as 1833) in after years, like a reasonable "Intuition".

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Originally a picture scroll (emaki) of very rare motif of Fart Battle (Hohi Gassen) from Muromachi period, 15th century, arranged with folding screen (byobu) in the late Edo - early Meiji period as considered.

This motif of Fart Battle painted originally by Toba Sojo a.k.a...
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Uniquely different style and taste of scarce and subtle initial Karatsu stoneware tea bowl (Ko Karatsu chawan) from Shiinomine-kiln in Imari, Saga prefecture, Early Edo period, 17th century, as more sensitive and elegant make which is strongly influenced by (or more like synchronized with) Arita porcelain ware if compared to the other rough and wild karatsu chawan of well-known type.

Smoothly round chawan of sharp thin-make in lovely...
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19th Century Antique French Louis XV Provencal Oak Buffet
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Impressive and lovely cotton-made kimono ware for child, with very unique primitive pattern of blue and white. Showa period.
Washed, and in well-used antique condition, with some mending and expected stains as seen. approx. 79 x 78 cm (31.10 x 30.70in)

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Well-used Onioroshi (lit. 'Ogre-grater') for daikon radish as a monumental Japanese kitchen ware, derived from the appearance of its bamboo blades which looks like the teeth of ogre.
Also, very iconic and somehow inspirational as an aesthetic object. Showa period. approx. L 31 cm (12.20in)

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It is all about the stones with this old Mexican silver jewel. The color is truly unreal. They swirl bright green, beige brown, ocean blue and hues of gold. I can not put a label on the stone for certain however they are all original. One looks brighter green from the side shots but the teal color is on both of it's sides. The bright green also sparks from the other stones as well. I have paired it with a bracelet also listed on my site with another fine green stone hallmarked by REMY...
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An adorable wrought iron chandelier made by the first part of the 20th century boasting an impressively scrolled iron frame providing 3 arms that must be rewired to the US Standard. Circa date 1910. Dimensions: 31”high with chain/ 23 ¾”wide
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A Wonderful Antique Gold Heart Locket Vintage Victorian Art Nouveau with Hand Engraved details, circa 1900-1920's. This exceptional antique heart locket is composed of antique gold filled. It has ornate hand engraved designs with flowers and scrolls. This is some of the most beautiful engraving that I have been able to offer in a while. The backside has a striped pattern. The locket opens and closes securely ad has both bezels inside...
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Spontaneously somehow or something alike stone called 'Sugata-ishi' as a type of wabi-sabi art of Japanese 'Suiseki' originated from China, specially from the object of "Scholar's desk".
So, like Daikoku god ? or like Dom (of Gundam) ? or whatever you want to see through the inspiration from such geometrical natural shape with power. Profound and heavy black presence as is.

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Faithfully copied from Chinese footed bronze plate as art of 'utsushi'(Japanese art form of "re-creation"), but by different materials as wood and lacquer.
Exactly like the mature chinese bronze plate with details, and amazingly thin-make and right-weight, as a masterpiece expressing the refinedness of craftsmanship in Meiji period.
Attached with wooden box signed "Ancient Chinese four‐footed confectionary ware" in black in...
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A polychrome Dutch Delft tankard copying an Iznik form. Height: 19.8 cm. 18th cent.

A long hairline crack on one side which runs from lip to base (see photos). Old chip to handle. Glaze crack at base of handle. No other faults.

All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Chinese : Pre 1900 item #1314912 (stock #Ch1715)
An austere cylindrical Chinese bronze censer with lobed handles. Height: 7.6 cm. Probably 19th cent.

Polished. The base, which probably had a Xuande mark, has been replaced. This is a neat, old repair.

All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Chinese : Pre 1900 item #1314910 (stock #Ch1713)
An attractive pink soapstone boulder composed of fo dogs, mounted on a plinth. Height: 10.5 cm. Nineteenth cent.

No damage. There are some quite deep fissures in the rock, but no evidence of repair. Minor surface scuffs .

All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Chinese : Pre 1970 item #1314909 (stock #Ch1712)
An inside-painted glass snuff bottle attractively painted with children playing games. Signed. Jade stopper. Height: 8.5 cm. 20th cent. Collector’s label.

The stopper has lost its spoon. No other faults.

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A brass mandarin hat button set with an opaque blue glass ball. Height: 5.4 cm. c 1900.

Perfect condition. The ball is firmly mounted.

All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Southeast Asian : Pre 1900 item #1314907 (stock #Ch1710)
A rare miniature Thai silver gilt niello teapot engraved with a floral motif. Height: 8.5 cm. Late 19th cent.

Handle missing. No other damage.

The form of the teapot resembles the miniature Cantonese teapots of the same period.