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Victoria's Doll House
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These dolls have never been played with, from the estate of a doll collector where they remained in their cellophane packages inside the box. Father, mother, sister and brother. The model number is 9710-5 300. The only thing I see to report is that there is a slight yellowing on back of mom's skirt where the tag attaches.
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SOLD - On offer is a darling, 1960's, Dee Cee, Canadian Chatty Cathy doll. This 20" doll is a blonde piggy, pigtail doll with perimeter only rooting. Her hair has original curl and has been retied. This lovely dolly wears a vintage, white blouse, plaid dress and pink bloomers. This what she was wearing, when I purchased her and it appears to have been part of her 1960's wardrobe. Chatty Cathy has the random pattern freckles. She has peachy pink lips and side glance, blue glassiene eyes...
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This is a very appealing provincial Buffet made from solid pine by the second half of the 19th century and typical from the region of Caux in the North of France. This lovely piece is featuring a pair of paneled doors revealing a large storage compartment with shelf and an interior drawer all supported by a nicely scrolled apron on cabriole legs with escargot feet. Note several scratches and dents can be seen all around due to the age. Key and lock are in working condition. Circa date 1880...
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Victoria's Doll House
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She is dressed in her finery, a lace embellished vintage dress. The lace appears older, may be antique. A nice display size Armand Marseille 370 bisque shoulderhead doll on leather body. She measures approx. 15" tall. She has her original mohair wig. It is tightly glued to her head, but I checked very carefully and cannot find any damage. Original blown glass blue sleep eyes. Her leather and cloth body is in good condition and she has little bisque hands...
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Victoria's Doll House
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This doll has me puzzled and I have looked through my books and cannot find one that looks just like her. She is very early, most likely pre-1850. Paper mache shoulderhead on cloth body with carved wood hands and painted wood legs. One hand has the thumb mostly gone. Her body is original, except that one upper arm has had the fabric replaced at some point. She does have finish wear to the paint on her legs. It appears as if she has had restoration done to the shoulder plate area...
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SOLD - For your consideration, is a Mattel Big Jim, Double Trouble figure, from 1975-1976. This figure is hard to find. Double Trouble has a double face, hence the name. One side is a steely expression, the other side an angry expression. This example doesn't spin, I don't want to force it. He has a push button on his back. Double Trouble is part of the pack series. P.A.C.K. stands for, Professional Agent against Crime Killers...
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It is not perfect, but if you have a Scarlett that needs a dress, this one may work for her. It is vintage, pre-1960, and I have not found it pictured on websites I looked at today, so it may be a rarer dress. Please look at pictures. There are a few small holes and one section of the hem , approx. 1 1/2" long has raw edging where it had torn. It measures approx...
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2005 reproductions of the original Dawn dolls. Includes Dawn, Denise and Shannon and three outfits. All are NRFB or MOC. See pictures, all mint as can be!
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Victoria's Doll House
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Two packages of fashion doll clothes for Ideal's Velvet and Crissy Dolls. They have never been opened, so are as mint as they can be! Velvet's fashion is Peasantries. I do not know what Crissy's fashion is.
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Beautiful, antique, natural, untreated Baltic, butterscotch amber necklace with silver clasp. This antique amber necklace is 17" long, the part with flat square amber pieces is about 4 1/2" wide x 7/8" tall. There are 46 small amber beads measuring approx. 6.5mm long. Weight of this lovely amber necklace is 16.5 grams. Condition is good, with chipping to the amber pieces.
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It is one of perfect pearl from deep sea .It is roound and with good luster and it is perfect.The size D 9 to 12mm.Please contact me for more information.
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Stunning Bébé Jeune 7 with extraordinary brown eyes that will melt your heart! This beauty is finely molded with a luscious mouth with distinctive molded tongue. She has "perfect" and softly blushed cheeks on her superlative face...
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Enrique Ledesma is known for his master stone work where he achieves a beautiful stone to silver fit and done by hand way before lasers were invented. The malachite stones are thick and without chips or cracks. The speckled and marbled swirls with color make these stones breathtaking and are like a treasure of none other. My photos have not done justice to these stones. It presents itself with 110 grams of silver and stone. There is a full 7in. wearable and a 2.5in. inner diameter. These largest...
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Beautiful, Chinese, carved, natural, un-dyed Angel Skin Coral bead necklace. This amazing necklace with gold washed sterling silver clasp is 24" long. It consists of 32 hand carved coral beads with Chinese characters, measuring from 11.5mm to 14.5mm long, and 41 smaller beads, measuring 5.3mm in diameter. This wonderful necklace is in excellent pre-owned condition. Weight is substantial 71.8 grams.
All Items : Archives : Estate Jewelry : Strands : Pre 1970 item #1286691 (stock #5120)
Beautiful, carved, natural, un-dyed Angel Skin Coral bead necklace. This amazing necklace with sterling silver clasp is 23 3/4" long. It consists 43 hand carved genuine coral beads, depicting continues knot, measuring 10mm in diameter and 22 smaller beads, measuring 6.3mm in diameter. This wonderful necklace is in excellent pre-owned condition with one bead having hairline. Weight is 75.2 grams.
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Original Japanese woodblock print by Ohara Hoson (1877-1945), titled Myna on a Branch, c. 1929. The image measures 14 1/4 x 9 1/2 inches, plus margins. The print was published by Kawaguchi & Sakai. The artist also worked with The Watanabe Color Print Co., using the name Shoson, and Kokkeido Publishing under the name Ohara Koson The design is illustrated at Cat. 172, and pl. H36.2 of “ Crows, Cranes and Camellias: The Natural World of Ohara Koson 1877-1945 ”, 2001, by Amy Reigle Newland an...
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Original Japanese woodblock print by Ando Hiroshige (1797-1858), titled Embankment of the Sumida River, Edo, from the Series 36 Views of Fuji, 1858. The image measures 13 1/4 x 8 1/2 inches, plus margins.

This print is in very good condition, with some slight fading and toning on the front margins.

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SOLD - On offer is a, 1960's König & Wernicke Doll. This flirty eyed doll measures 12" Tall. She has a blonde wig with braids. She wears a dress, apron, underpants, shoes and dainty socks. She also wears a ladybug necklace. This lovely cabinet sized doll, is a sweetheart of a doll. She has some cheek rubs as shown. She has two torso cracks, I feel came from being displayed in a stand. I will include the stand, however she should be displayed without. Her torso is stable and she has been ...