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This 18 inch tall German doll, circa the 1860s-70s, has a wax over papier mache shoulder head and a cloth body with Motschmann type floating wood limbs. The head has large glass pupilless eyes and a blonde molded hairstyle with a headband and molded ears. The head is in good condition with some typical scuffing to the wax coating. The original cloth body is sturdy with some very slight leaking of sawdust...
All Items : Archives : Pre 1920 item #1274502 (stock #SD167)

Offered is this factory original German bisque child by Kammer Reinhardt. She comes fresh out of an estate and with the possible exception of shoes and socks, her layers of factory clothing and fabulous original wig are just as the day she came out of the salesroom floor.

Her bisque socket head is perfect without any damage, chipping or restoration. She has her original brown sleep eyes, fly away brows typical for this company, full cheeks and an open mouth with original upper teeth...

All Items : Archives : Pre 1910 item #1274249 (stock #500519NM490)
This is an elegant Bench made from solid walnut at the beginning of the 20th century, consisting of a rectangular seat, covered by white upholstery, supported by boldly turned columns all connected to each other by stretchers and standing on ball feet. Note minor scratches and dents can be seen due to the age. The upholstery is in slightly used condition. Circa date 1900. Dimensions 18"high/ 22"wide/ 15"deep.
All Items : Archives : Pre 1900 item #1273890 (stock #130)
She is so pretty....oh so pretty ......

One of the most beautiful 23" ( 59 cm) French Bebe´s by Gaultier with open mouth , looks so cute and childlike with very good quality of bisque and painting and gorgeous blue eyes.

Has pale bisque socket head with deep blue glass paperweight inset eyes with fine painted lashes and brows.

Open mouth with porcelain teeth between shaded and outlined lips...

All Items : Archives : Pre 1910 item #1273888 (stock #129)
I´m not on expert about this gorgeous Japanes Doll´s but as I saw this beauty I fall in Love immediately.

I never saw before such so a beautiful girl of the rare Japanese Ichimatsu doll´s.

I think she is from Japan around 19th. century ......

All Items : Archives : Pre 1920 item #1273661 (stock #3891-DSU)
Old doll coat in a burgundy cut velvet with white fur (rabbit?) trim for pattern or fabric. The fur is very worn and several of the seams on the coat are loose as shown.

The coat is 11 inches long. The shoulders ( and sleeves) are 9 1/4 inches measured straight across the top.

The coat closes at the front with two MOP buttons and hand sewn buttonholes. The coat is not lined.

The color is a muted burgundy and not as red/pink as the lighting may appear...

All Items : Archives : Pre 1950 item #1273447 (stock #3889-DSU)
Vintage organdy doll bonnet in a pretty pink and white with pink satin tie for a doll with up to a 14 inch head circ. This is a factory bonnet with just the tab remnant of the label as shown.

Measured flat the bonnet is approx. 6 inches tall (not counting the ruffles) and 3 inches deep. It measures 12 inches around the face.

The doll is a model for the bonnet only and is not included. She is listed for sale separately in my shop. The doll has a head circ...

All Items : Archives : Pre 1900 item #1273232 (stock #126)
She needs a little help and love ,

then this nice French bisque poupee comes from a attic at the south side of France and she must still wait there so many years until it was found again !!

Perhaps you are the right person which will wakes up it again .

14" ( 35 cm ) she comes in un-cleaned condition and so as we got her, nice bisque shoulder head with beautiful blue inset glass eyes and very fine painting at her pale bisque.

It is on early fashion with un pierced flat ears ........

All Items : Archives : Pre 1900 item #1273231 (stock #125)
A rare attic found from a house of south-side at France ,

pretty all wooden French poupee body by " Alexis Herbillon / Paris " ..... circa 1868......

All Items : Archives : Pre 1920 item #1272778 (stock #3888-DSU)
Pair of old doll whites including a pretty white slip with lace trim and a pair of lace trimmed dolly drawers with open back.

The slip is 15 1/2 inches from the shoulder and includes the 2 1/2 inch lace hem. The shoulders are 4 1/2 inches. The back is open and closes with pins or you can add snaps or hooks and eyes. The high waistline is generous and roomy and measures 8 3/4 inches flat across the front.

The drawers are of a similar material in a slightly heavier weight...

All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Pre 1920 item #1272676 (stock #533)

Raw calligraphy with illustrations by an unknown.

Binding: Japanese String

Age: Meiji-Taisho period, early 20th century

Size: W: 16.2cm (6.37in), H: 24.4cm (9.6in)

(32 pages in order)

"the new year is coming"

"why you make variously"

"round ball"

"yamamoto, yamamoto..."

"??? / why you make / inside and outside of a gate / ???"

"inside and outside of a gate / ...
All Items : Archives : Pre 1900 item #1272588
Antique Doll Treasures
Sale Pending
Antique French 19th. Century Vernis Martin Sleigh.

Here for your buying pleasure is a beautiful Vernis Martin sleigh. I have only seen this whimsical sleigh piece once before, as they are seldom seen! This one is in marvelous original condition with the painting over tin consisting of sweet little chubby cupids basking on clouds, floral garlands and painted ribbon trim. A soft light olive green velvet covers the inside, the back and the entire bottom of the sleigh...

All Items : Archives : Pre 1900 item #1272476 (stock #3882-DSU)
Antique white long doll gown with insertion lace for all bisques and other small ones. The material feels like a cotton with a very smooth crisp surface...
All Items : Archives : Pre 1920 item #1272468 (stock #3881-DSU)
Set of doll underwear in a very pale pink. The camisole has a bit more color than the drawers and the material is slightly lighter in weight but both feel like cotton.

The camisole is 4 1/2 inches long not counting the lace trim at the neckline. The neckline is wide and off the shoulder. The shoulders are approximately 5 inches across. The armholes are trimmed in crocheted lace. The waist has an adjustable drawstring tie at the back - as shown gathered, the waist is 5 1/2 inches meas...

All Items : Archives : Pre 1910 item #1272421 (stock #3879-DSU)
Antique doll dress in a light and airy white material with tiny pintucks, insertion lace and shirred bodice. This would best fit a slim cloth or kid body doll. The dress is 13 1/2 inches long from the shoulder. The shoulders are 4 inches. The long set in full sleeves with wide ruffle are 5 1/2 inches long. The chest is 6 inches measured flat across the front. The waist is 6 inches measured flat across the front. The back closes with thread loops and metal hooks. As shown there is a s...
All Items : Archives : Pre 1900 item #1272375
Antique Doll Treasures
Sale Pending
An Antique Small Size #236 S.F.B.J. Laughing Jumeau baby doll.

Here for your buying pleasure is a dear little 8-1/2 inch Laughing Jumeau baby doll! She is so tiny and so sweet!

She has a wonderful grinning face with deep chocolate brown sleep eyes, lovely painted eyelashes and softly painted eyebrows. Her cheeks have just the right amount of blush and her little laughing mouth is painted to perfection, showing two little upper teeth. She retains her original little blonde mohai...

All Items : Archives : Pre 1900 item #1272360 (stock #121)
Absolute wonderful French BeBe Winter costume presentation in box..... perfect for French or German doll about circa 12" ( 32 cm )

Possible to complete one of your favorite doll´s with a beautiful silk dress with bonnet , a second pretty three dress with jacket and matching bonnet , a pretty Muff and a pair of wonderful Ice Skates.

A nice set of under garments , socks and a lot of lovely accessory.

All complete to find in a marvelous Presentation Box , of fine paper covered card board...

All Items : Archives : Pre 1910 item #1272337 (stock #119)
RESERVED on LayaWay. ....Thank you so much T.
Rare 24,5" ( 62 cm ) grand size bisque character doll by Kammer and Reinhardt with superb artisty of modeling and wearing fine three piece suit .

All perfect condition with solid domed bisque socket head , very good quality of bisque and painting , well working brown sleep glass eyes with mohair lashes and painted lower lashes.

Open mouth with row of teeth and funny dimpled chin.

Free of hairline , damage , chip or repair.

Original large composition bent limp baby body with origi...