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'Shochikubai' ('Pine, bamboo and plum trees' as Japanese auspicious symbolic grouping) in 'Hihaku-tai' (Blurring-brush style), - a unique graffitical style of decorative kanji calligraphy originated by Cai Yong (132-192 / a Chinese scholar of the Eastern Han Dynasty, who was well-versed in calligraphy, music, mathematics and astronomy), brought to Japan by Kukai (774–835 / a Japanese Buddhist priest, civil servant, scholar, poet, and artist) in a...
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This is a majestic and beautiful Wedding Armoire made by the end of the reign of Louis XVI at the end of the 18th century, originally coming from Aix-en-Provence in the south of France (We would like to take this opportunity to advise you to google the name of the city to see fantastic pictures of the area)...
All Items : Archives : Pre 1960 item #1322523 (stock #500147NM890)
This is a lovely middle part of the 20th Century Wrought Iron Coffee Table consisting of a round Yellow Lamartine marble (originally coming from Jura, a department in the east of France named after the Jura mountains.) sitting upon a nicely scrolled pediment. Circa date 1950. Dimensions 24"high/ 27"diameter.
All Items : Archives : Pre 1900 item #1322519 (stock #500907NM2350)
This is a typical Country French Buffet made by the end of the 19th century and originally coming from Provence in the South of France. This lovely piece is topped by a crossbow-shaped top sitting upon a beautifully accented facade boasting an intricate floral embellishment and offering a spacious storage capacity thanks to the pair of drawers and the pair of recessed paneled doors revealing a large compartment with single shelf...
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Interesting, unique, and aesthetic, really.
Written "Congratulation" ('Omedetau', but 'Omedeto' actually) in infantile Japanese 'Katakana' style at first sight, but not by "just a child" perhaps for its line and its composition (by my insight as a Japanese who do write the Japanese language). But, really never knows its identification except a female writer name of "Reiko" of natural mirror writing...
All Items : Archives : Pre 1900 item #1321957 (stock #171012NM2880)
This is an exquisitely patinaed and elegantly simple Faux Bamboo Commode, made from solid pine by the second half of the 19th century. This appealing piece consists of an inset white Carrara marble sitting upon a straight facade offering a spacious storage capacity thanks to five drawers (Including the hidden drawer located at the base in the apron.). Locks are in working condition. Minor scratches and dents can be seen due to the age. Circa date 1880. Dimensions 38"high/ 45"wide/ 21"deep.
All Items : Archives : Pre 1910 item #1321947 (stock #300711NM475)
An elegantly simple English side table made from solid and lovely patinaed oak, consisting of a rectangular scrolled top sitting upon a straight belt, gracefully supported by barley twisted legs on drop fee, all connected to each other thanks to straight stretchers providing stability and sturdiness. Minor scratches and dents can be seen due to the age. Circa date 1900. Dimensions 28"high/ 24"wide/ 18"deep.
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Very large and thick 'Tatoshi' (kimono wrapping paper) made by multiple pieces of ledgers and promissory note of pawnshop, painted one side with 'kakishibu' (persimmon tannin) for waterproofing and preservative treatment, approx. 178 x 230 cm (70.07 x 90.55in). Meiji-Taisho period. In fine antique condition, with expected creases and wrinkles. (*shipped in fold-up condition) Besides, 4 similar pieces are available, just in case...
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SOLD - Here is a pretty, 1972 Frido Trendon Sasha doll, for you to consider. I would call Sasha a waif as she has had a haircut, by her right ear. Her kiddie owner most likely did this. She has beautiful two tone hair, lots of variegated strands of golden blonde. The back of her hair is a little layered. She has puddle eyes in blue, with smoky eye shadow. She has factory pumpkin leg and white arm elastic. She poses well, with slight looseness to her left arm...
All Items : Archives : Pre 1900 item #1321296 (stock #175025NM2130)
This is a beautifully patinaed first half of the 19th century Commode made during the Louis Philippe era, consisting of its original and stunning Gray St Ann Sandwich marble sitting upon an elegantly simple facade made from solid oak and mounted with its original hardware offering a spacious storage capacity thanks to total of four drawers, including the hidden one, located underneath the marble. Several minor scratches and dents can be seen due to the age. Circa date 1830...
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Phenomenal, huge, 14k yellow gold and natural un-treated Mediterranean tomato red coral ring. Top of this size 7 ring measures 21.4mm in diameter. Weight of this great ring is 12 grams. Condition is very good. Please keep in mind that it is very hard to find coral cabochon at that size.
All Items : Archives : Estate Jewelry : Strands : Pre 1980 item #1321274 (stock #5279)
Wonderful, estate, natural, untreated Lapis Lazuli Bead necklace with large sterling silver clasp. This elegant necklace is 18" long, (including clasp), perfectly round lapis lazuli beads measures 12.3mm in diameter. Condition of the necklace is perfect. Weight is 97.2 grams.
All Items : Archives : Collectibles : Pre 1970 item #1321251 (stock #DSU-712-C)
SOLD - On offer is a darling, 1960's, Dee Cee, Canadian Chatty Cathy doll. She wears her hard to find and original, Dee Cee Canadian blue dress and eyelet pinafore. This 20" doll is a blonde bob with all original curl to her hair. Her hair has never been brushed out to my knowledge. She has nice tight limbs and no open seams. There is a melt mark to her back, right side, near her shoulder and flange. Her right arm is a little tight to move as a result. This appears to be a factory flaw...
All Items : Archives : Pre 1910 item #1321129 (stock #172017NM1990)
This is a long and beautiful Dining Table made from solid and lovely patinaed cherry by the beginning of the 20th century consisting of a serpentine shaped squared parquet top, extendable thanks matching pull out leaves located at each end, all gracefully supported by a lovely apron standing on nicely scrolled cabriole legs on escargot feet. Note minor scratches and dents can be seen here and there due to the age. Circa date 1910...
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A chinese porcelain plate finely painted in famille rose enamels with figures and precious objects within a border of birds, butterflies and flowers.

Dating from the mid C19th., it measures 25cms across.

There is wear to the gilding. It is in very good condition.

All Items : Archives : Estate Jewelry : Pre 1970 item #1320898 (stock #13298)
Wrought in .940 silver and with a big onyx cabochon forming its body, a vintage Hector Aguilar brooch in the shape of a pelican. The combination of repoussage and chasing and the stark contrast between the black depths of the stone and the warmly glowing silver is what makes this piece irresistibly attractive. Measuring 2 3/8" tall by 2 1/8" wide (at its widest) the bird weighs 23.1 grams and is signed with a combination of hallmarks that dates it in the 1953-62 period...
All Items : Archives : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Designer Signed : Pre 2000 item #1320882 (stock #5276)
Elegant Tiffany & Co. 18k yellow gold necklace, apart of the Elsa Peretti Alphabet collection. The chain is 16" long, letter d pendant measures 1" x 1/2", (26mm by 16mm). This collectible, Elsa Peretti necklace is in excellent pre-owned condition. Original retail price is $850.00
All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Pre 1900 item #1320706 (stock #SK 912)
A pair antique Chinese sleeve bands, mounted as miniature scrolls with a bamboo stick, in a storage box. The bands are showing scenes from a romance mainly embroidered in finest Peking knot. The lid of the storage box embroidered with a river landscape. Condition: due to storage the condition and colors of the bands are pristine, only one reverse with little label residue. The lid of the box shows some wear. Dimension: box: 16.9 cm x 7.6 cm x 5 cm, sleeves: total length: 98 cm,