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Black urushi-lacquered wood workboards coated with abstract signs of use by Japanese lacquer worker.
Picturesque blackness with slight seasoning red, without artificiality. approx. 23 x 16.6 x 0.7 cm (9.05 x 6.53 x 0.27in)

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All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Pre 1920 item #1311390 (stock #0810)


Originally Ko-Seto (Old Seto ware) type 'yamajawan' (yama-chawan / lit. 'mountain tea bowl' as proto-pottery bowl), Kamakura period (1192-1333), arranged to smooth inner part and burnt again with feldspar glaze and some 'kintsugi' gold restorations by the former owner in afteryears for comfortable use for tea, as considered possibly. Tasteful sense of touch with aesthetic distortion in lovely practical size, in refined well-used condition...
All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Pre 1900 item #1311324 (stock #0940)


Patched and sewn, piece-by-piece, and used again and again..., as Japanese mingei folk cotton textile, so-called 'Boro', used as futon cover or wrapping-cloth.
Expressive in both sides. In aesthetic worn-out condition and washed. approx...
All Items : Archives : Pre 1950 item #1310945 (stock #AD15272G)
Precious vintage black composition doll! Measures approximately 16 inches tall. Wonderful painted facial features with side-glancing painted eyes. She has no maker's marks. She has molded and painted black hair with black thread hair with added daisies and bows. She has a five piece composition body. She is wearing a cute ensemble including a vintage dress, vintage pinafore, vintage petticoats, replaced underpants, replaced socks and shoes. She is circa 1930/40's...
All Items : Archives : Pre 1900 item #1310906 (stock #170067NM890)
This is an exquisite and beautifully patinaed Bench, made from solid walnut during the second half of the 19th century, boasting an intricate embellishment depicting floral and acanthus patterns from the scrolled armrests to the graceful cabriole legs. Note the upholstery is in used condition. Circa date 1880. Dimensions 24”high/ 16”seat height/ 29”long/ 18”wide.
All Items : Archives : Pre 1910 item #1310905 (stock #AD15268G)
Antique German bisque doll by Kestner in the desirable mold number 143. Approximately 13 1/2 inches tall. She has beautiful reset blue glass eyes. Wonderfully detailed and skillfully painted facial features. She has an open mouth with two upper teeth. Her bisque socket head is incised with: C Made in Germany (in the middle) 7 143. She has a composition and wood ball jointed body with its red stamp and a fragment of a paper sticker. Original factory finish...
All Items : Archives : Pre 1920 item #1310904 (stock #AD15267G)
Antique Gebruder Heubach mold number 6970 German doll. She measures approximately 11 1/2 inches tall. She has working glass sleep eyes. Wonderful and full closed pouty mouth. All of her facial features are painted with much detail and skill. She has stamped ball jointed wood and composition body. Nicely strung and it has it s original factory finish...
All Items : Archives : Pre 1910 item #1310864 (stock #500672NM1910)
This is an adorable Provincial Commode made from solid and nicely patinaed pine by the first part of the 20th Century consisting of a serpentine shaped top sitting upon the matching slightly bombe facade offering a total of 3 large drawers mounted with acanthus shaped Rococo handles and escutcheons, all supported by an elegantly simple pediment. Note minor scratches and dents can be seen due to the age. Circa date 1910. Dimensions 37"high/ 38"wide/ 21"deep.
All Items : Archives : Pre 1900 item #1310863 (stock #300997NM2130)
This is a magnificently tall Louis XV Rococo painted Armoire made by the end of the 19th century, consisting of an impressively sculpted pierced carved cartouche depicting acanthus and floral patterns highlighting the beautiful arched facade below, mounted by a pair of recessed caned doors and standing on a nicely scrolled apron supported by cabriole legs on escargot feet. The interior compartment is spacious with a combination of shelves and interior drawers. Lock is in working condition...
All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Chinese : Pre 1920 item #1310816 (stock #Ch1707)
An austere Chinese bronze censer raised on three shallow feet and cast with animal head handles. Six-character Xuande mark to base. Diameter: 10.4 cm. 20th cent.

Original casting faults to the handles have been filled with lead (see images) . These were clearly done at the time of manufacture. Original patina with one or two slight knocks. No other damage.

All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Pre 1900 item #1310806 (stock #0260)


A pair of sacred sake flasks made of pure tin, called 'omikidokkuri', used for Shrine ritual or celebration in Japan, Edo period.
Aesthetic mature expression with discoloration and dent for its property. Picturesque by itself with or without flowers. Attached with wooden box.

All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Chinese : Pre 1900 item #1310805 (stock #Ch1706)
An unusual hinged four-section Chinese medicine bottle of silver and enamel marked in relief with the names of the various potions including Crouching Dragon Pills (er loong dan) and Anti-Plague Tablets (shar yow wan). Length (extended): 8.9cm. 19/20th cent. Weight: 68 gr.

Complete and with spoons intact. Some enamel loss on one side.

Silver bottles are preferred because the metal is supposed to blacken in the presence of poison.

All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Chinese : Pre 1800 item #1310802 (stock #Ch1705)
5 Chinese export famille rose saucers decorated with a flower basket and floral reserves on a gold ground sprinkled with flowerheads. Diameter: 10.7 cm. Yongzheng (1723-35).

Three undamaged, one with a minute hairline at 6.00 (3mm. long), another with a 1.0 cm. hairline at 12.00. All with minor frits and some rubbing or enamel loss.

All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Chinese : Pre 1800 item #1310801 (stock #Ch1704)
A hexagonal Yixing teapot, the cover moulded with a recumbent lion dog. Length: 24.5 cm. Qianlong, c.1750. Unsigned.

As usual the cover has lost the revolving ball which should be mounted in front of the dog’s mouth. The teapot is otherwise undamaged.

All Items : Archives : Regional Art : African : Pre 1920 item #1310794 (stock #Ch1700)
An old Zulu wirework snuff gourd. Diameter: 8.5 cm. 20th cent.

No stopper. Some wire loss. Some old staining to one side.

All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Pre 1930 item #1310771 (stock #0521)


Antique photographic plates and album (contact prints) of growth record of Japanese mamushi (pit viper), Showa period, Japan. Quite an abstract work when displaying.
The condition is as is, with expected scratches at plates (chip at the corner of one plate) and some lack of photos in album...
All Items : Archives : Pre 1930 item #1310688 (stock #AD15253G)
Antique German bisque doll, Century Doll by Kestner. She measures approximately 18 inches long. Head circumference is approximately 13 inches around. She has beautiful set blue glass eyes on a slightly fretful face. Solid dome head with flanged neck...
All Items : Archives : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Pre 1910 item #1310682 (stock #0258)


White-glazed Tamba jar called 'Shiro-Tamba', used to store soybean paste (miso) or pickles (tsukemono) as representative Japanese mingei folk ware.
In fine antique condition, with sign of use, without lid. approx. H 24 cm (9.44in), D 23 cm (9.05in)

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