Sobral "Flash Gordon" Resin Purse - Stunning The Pink Lady Collection $375.00
Signed Hammered Copper Sterling Heart Pendant Ear Set Mimi Dee Artwear $126.00
Signed Studio Handwrought Hammered Copper Sterling Bracelet Mimi Dee Artwear $396.00
Signed Hammered Copper Sterling Slag Glass Necklace Set Mimi Dee Artwear $175.00
Signed MIMI DEE Sterling Etched Glass Necklace Set Box Mimi Dee Artwear S0LD- ENJOY! COMMISSION - with Artist signed hand painted presentation box
Studio Signed Pendant Earring Set Hammered Mix Metals Mimi Dee Artwear COMMISSION
Signed Studio Sterling Necklace Earrings Demi Set Gems Mimi Dee Artwear COMMISSION - SPECIAL ORDER
Signed Original
Thank you Diane!

Proudly "Made in USA"

Artist Signed Studio Sterling Choker Demi Set Amethyst Mimi Dee Artwear Sold
Signed Sterling Pendant Set Aquamarine Rose Mimi Dee Artwear Sold
Signed Sterling Set Pendant Earrings Brown Pearl Opal Mimi Dee Artwear Sold