Antique, Vintage and Contemporary dolls offered for sale along with clothing, accessories and related items. Collectible miniatures, doll houses, doll clothing, doll furniture, bears and stuffed animals are also available for consideration.

Big heavy antique Amish doll denim body great cloak rag stuffed Country and Shaker Antiques $925.00
Great old rag doll with ink painted face calico wrapped body 20" Country and Shaker Antiques $875.00
Her name is Ruby she is big strong ink drawn face cloth doll 22" Country and Shaker Antiques $875.00
18" doll with leather face, shoe button eyes early antique Country and Shaker Antiques $495.00
Tete Jumeau Automaton, Flower Girl by Lambert Faraway Antique Shop $4,495.00
Antique wooden stump bed post doll great face circa 1830 Country and Shaker Antiques $1,850.00
~~~ Rare Unusual Faced French Bisque Bebe Jumeau / 1885 ~~~ WhenDreamsComeTrue $2,990.00
Small loveable stump doll with homemade clothes simple and sweet Country and Shaker Antiques $375.00
Rare 9" Size 1 Mademoiselle Jumeau in Pretty Antique Clothing WhenDreamsComeTrue $5,900.00
~~~ Elegant French Poupee with original Antique Winter Costume ~~~ WhenDreamsComeTrue $3,950.00
Large doll pattern Little Boy Blue uncut 29"x21" suitable for framing Country and Shaker Antiques $195.00
Early Black cloth doll embroidered face great body as found 23" Country and Shaker Antiques $975.00
Antique cloth doll with sepia ink drawn face great early dress Country and Shaker Antiques $650.00
25" antique pencil face rag doll with many layers of clothes Country and Shaker Antiques $750.00
Marvelous French Bisque Poupee by Jumeau with Gorgeous Gown WhenDreamsComeTrue $4,200.00
Beautiful Childlike French Eden Bebe with Shy Expression WhenDreamsComeTrue Reserved.... for C. !!
French Bisque Bru Jne 5 Bebe on Chevrot Body Original Clothing Shoes Aunt Janie's Doll Trunk USD $18,500.00
13” Poured Wax Portrait Doll in Creche Manner Faraway Antique Shop $695.00