Pretty Jumeau Leather Gloves / Factory Original 1880 WhenDreamsComeTrue $275.00
Rare Jumeau Couturier Silk Slippers with Gilt Lettering WhenDreamsComeTrue $795.00
Tete Jumeau Lady, Original Lady Body, 19 inch Faraway Antique Shop $5,250.00
Delicate French Bisque Poupee with Marvelous Costume WhenDreamsComeTrue RESERVED for her new Mom....thank you very much S. !!
SH 939, Closed Mouth, Antique Clothes, 17.5 inch Faraway Antique Shop $2,295.00
Dancing Children, Antique Musical Toy, Vienna Faraway Antique Shop $1,350.00
Stunning Tete Jumeau 10, 23 inch, Bebe Reclame Faraway Antique Shop $3,995.00
Antique French Marble Top Washstand for Small Bebe or Larger Fashion Antique Doll Treasures $199.00
Spill Curl China, Café-Au-Lait / Black Band, 19 inch Faraway Antique Shop $550.00
Wax Baby, Rare Inset Teeth - 20 inch Faraway Antique Shop $1,450.00
Signed Rutilated Quartz Nevada Lapis Sterling Silver Necklace Pendant Mimi Dee Artwear $297.00
25" S&H CMB Eleonore, Very Fine Condition Faraway Antique Shop $595.00
Pressed Linen Head Doll on Clockwork Tricycle, 1870 Faraway Antique Shop $1,295.00
Adorable Small Antique Wood Rocking Chair for your Doll or Teddy Antique Doll Treasures $95.00
Early Primitive Wooden Antique Doll Chair Antique Doll Treasures $85.00
Hear My Dollies Prayer, Framed, 1908 Faraway Antique Shop $95.00
DEP, French Body, Original Dress, Shoes, Stockings, 26 inch Faraway Antique Shop $795.00
Corset for Antique Bisque Doll, Waist 7" or Larger Faraway Antique Shop $35.00