Antique Kewpie/Dolly Dingle/Carnival Doll - Antique Spools of Threads Something to Sing About $55.00
Japanese Gofun Ichimatsu Baby Doll Bella May Dolls $25.00
1920s "Our Gang/Little Rascals" Promotional Theater Prize Figures -7 Something to Sing About $120.00
Jane Withers Doll by Madame Alexander - 20" All Original In Box Something to Sing About $1,400.00
Two Delightful Carnival Kewpies - Japan Bella May Dolls $16.00
Superb Bertha Palmer One-of-a-Kind Wax Self Portrait French - 36" Something to Sing About $3600.00
Gorgeous Baby Gloria - Maxine Doll Co, 1920s All Original w/Tag Something to Sing About $575.00
ON SALE Antique Doll Toy Hermann Teddy Monkey Jointed W/ Tag Oldeclectics $195.00
ON HOLD* 30" Wax-Over Papier Mache Doll Bella May Dolls Sold
Little Black Sambo - Celluloid Doll Bella May Dolls Sold
Outstanding Antique French PoupeeĀ“s Toilette Table WhenDreamsComeTrue Sold
Very Unusual Teddy Roosevelt Doll with Bear Something to Sing About Sold
Deanna Durbin Doll in Box with Extra Outfit Something to Sing About Sold
Gorgeous Little Celluloid Doll Bella May Dolls Sold
ON SALE Antique French Doll Diorama Framed Parisian People Oldeclectics Sold