Ideal Shirley Temple 18" Composition Original tagged Excellent cond. Athena's Collectibles $425.00
Composition Boudoir Doll Bella May Dolls $25.00
Composition Carnival Kewpie Style Doll Bella May Dolls $22.00
Composition, Hard Plastic, and Oil Cloth Baby - USA Bella May Dolls $55.00
Howdy Doody Clarabelle Princess-Summer Flub Dub Full Set Marionetts Paula's Doll Memories $685.00
Rita Hayworth Doll from Carmen - 1948 - In Box Something to Sing About $350.00
Canadian Reliable Composition Dopey Bella May Dolls $35.00
Unique Large Composition Baby Bella May Dolls $85.00
Anne Shirley Doll - F&B from the 1930's - Original Dress Something to Sing About $99.00
*PRICE REDUCED* Charming Composition Doll Bella May Dolls $35.00
Ideal Judy Garland Teen Doll - Stike Up the Band Gown 1940s Something to Sing About $625.00
Pair 14' "Dedo" Googly Dolls Made in Italy All Original Ex. Condition Paula's Doll Memories $395.00
Baby Sandy Doll in Box with Life Magazine - 1939 Something to Sing About $160.00
All Original Shirley Temple 1930's Antique Doll Treasures $475.00
Tonto - 1930's - 20" Composition Doll - The Lone Ranger Something to Sing About $230.00
17" c.1930's Composition Bride mohair wig, excellent Athena's Collectibles $48.00
Vamp Boudoir Doll, All Original, Possibly French Something to Sing About $135.00
Gorgeous Composition "Cowboy" Doll Bella May Dolls $30.00