1960s French Tribal Couture Necklace Faux Amber Lucite Statement Size modemodern $195.00
1960s French Faux Coral Poured Glass Wired Necklace Sautoir 64 Inches modemodern $165.00
1970s Couture Statement Necklace Lion Doorknocker Motif Runway Size modemodern $245.00
1970s Lion Doorknocker Motif Earrings Clipback Couture Statement modemodern $55.00
Gold Filled Heart Photo Locket with Cross Pendant 1920s Fiona Kenny Antiques $45.00
French 1930’s Déco gilt brass brooch Global Ceramics $80.00
Edwardian Silver Plated Coin Holder Pendant on Chain Necklace 1910 Fiona Kenny Antiques $89.00
70s Cascading Cobalt Blue Poured Glass Necklace 126 Inch Hand Knotted modemodern Pending
1970s French Bracelet Brilliant Diamante Jewel Tone Poured Glass Drops modemodern $295.00
Heavy Textured Snakeskin Collar w/Earrings Black Dog Antiques $195.00
Art Deco Floral Molded Glass Enamel Chrome Clamper Cuff Bracelet 1934 Fiona Kenny Antiques $95.00
Edwardian Gold Filled Seed Pearl Photo LOCKET Pendant on Chain 1900-10 Fiona Kenny Antiques $95.00
Retro Rhinestone Hand w/ Flowers Brooch Black Dog Antiques $50.00
Edwardian Angel Wings Silver Plated Pin or Brooch with White Glass Cab Fiona Kenny Antiques $35.00
German Industrial Art Deco Celluloid Bakelite Chrome Necklace 1920s Fiona Kenny Antiques $225.00
1970s Lucite Faux Amber Marbled Long Necklace 46 Inches Safari Style modemodern $55.00
Feldspar Necklace and Earrings Set 1930s - Pastel Colours Fiona Kenny Antiques $35.00
Copper-Brass Enamel Ceramic Aztec Warrior Head Pendant Mexico 1950's E & M Perez $110.00