Antique and Vintage Costume Jewelry

Collectible costume jewelry from the 20th century, before 1980, but also with examples from the Victorian period and a few Regency and late Georgian examples. Costume jewelry typically uses toned metals in stead of precious metals and substitutes glass, paste and other composition in place of jewels. Some costume jewelry is comprised entirely of composite material such as bakelite. Renowned and prolific costume jewelry designers answered demand through the 20th century.

Hand carved pin Redhead $45.00
signed-Shandor-holly and berry Christmas set Redhead $78.00
Crystal beads-earrings Redhead $35.00
Trifari-etched Dog pin Redhead $55.00
Gorgeous banded agate 1/20 12k gold Cuff libks with tie tac Redhead $98.00
L. Razza zodiac pendant-chain Redhead $120.00
kJL/Kenneth J.Lane jeweled snake bracelet Redhead $170.00
cased lucite bracelet Redhead $45.00
Designer-large pendant with chain Redhead $135.00
Vintage Schiaparelli pin with earrings Redhead $340.00
Juliana glass stone earrings Redhead $39.00
Kenneth J. Lane set Aka KJL/Kenneth Lane Redhead $120.00
Bakelite-reverse painted cuff bracelet Redhead $100.00
Beautiful signed pin Redhead $65.00
Juliana pin with earrings Redhead $165.00
signed Karu Arke-jeweled earrings Redhead $44.00
Gorgeous glass stones-Pin with earrings Redhead $110.00
Large 14k gold pendant with chain Redhead $980.00