Antique and Vintage Costume Jewelry

Collectible costume jewelry from the 20th century, before 1980, but also with examples from the Victorian period and a few Regency and late Georgian examples. Costume jewelry typically uses toned metals in stead of precious metals and substitutes glass, paste and other composition in place of jewels. Some costume jewelry is comprised entirely of composite material such as bakelite. Renowned and prolific costume jewelry designers answered demand through the 20th century.

August Bonaz Art Deco Penguin Pin - Book Piece The Pink Lady Collection $130.00
Butler and Wilson Vintage Galalith Overdyed Pierrot Bracelet The Pink Lady Collection $280.00
Mosell 1960s Egyptian Revival Jeweled Parure - Very Rare The Pink Lady Collection $475.00
Deco Paste Bar Pin - “Czechoslov” Period Pieces $215.00
Gold Filled Heart Photo Locket with Cross Pendant 1920s Fiona Kenny Antiques $45.00
Hearts and Dolphins Bracelet Period Pieces $55.00
Dazzling Weiss earrings Redhead $38.00
French 1930’s Déco gilt brass brooch Global Ceramics $80.00
Carnelian ring Redhead $85.00
deep carved-Cinnabar bangle bracelet Redhead $98.00
Fabulous 1950's kite stone bracelet. Redhead $160.00
Old Coro-jelly belly pin Redhead $245.00
dazzling wide-brilliant stones bracelet Redhead $120.00
BJL Marcasites Blue Green ENAMEL PEACOCK Brooch Pin 1950s 1960 Bird Antiques and Decor by Fiona $39.00
Vintage hat pins-porcelain tops Redhead $45.00
signed pendant and ring Redhead $80.00
Vintage-1910-1920's bangle bracelet Redhead $69.00
"Alzac" face pin Redhead $110.00