Czech Art Deco MOLDED Green Peking GLASS Floral NECKLACE 1920s Fiona Kenny Antiques $79.00
1960s French Tribal Couture Necklace Faux Amber Lucite Statement Size modemodern $195.00
1970s Givenchy Heavy Chunky Chain Necklace Logo Tag Hammered Finish modemodern $75.00
1960s French Faux Coral Poured Glass Wired Necklace Sautoir 64 Inches modemodern $165.00
1930s Haskell Style Necklace Faux Jade French Poured Glass Drops modemodern $125.00
1930s Haskell Style Bracelet Faux Jade French Poured Glass Drops modemodern $95.00
Edwardian-Fiigree-Two-Colored-Hinged-Bracelet-with-Blue-Green-Stone The Pink Lady Collection $150.00
Art Deco Sterling Marcasite Lavalier Necklace The Pink Lady Collection $85.00
Patricia Von Musulin Carved Ivory Necklace Choker Signed Modernist Silverman's Selected Antiques $1,100.00
1970s Couture Statement Necklace Lion Doorknocker Motif Runway Size modemodern $245.00
1970s Lion Doorknocker Motif Earrings Clipback Couture Statement modemodern $55.00
1960s Kramer Mod Pendant Necklace Faux Jade Lucite Goldtone Rope Twist modemodern $95.00
Runway Mimi di N Necklace Flower Centerpiece Faux Pearls Dated 1972 modemodern On Hold
August Bonaz Art Deco Penguin Pin - Book Piece The Pink Lady Collection $130.00
Butler and Wilson Vintage Galalith Overdyed Pierrot Bracelet The Pink Lady Collection $280.00
Mosell 1960s Egyptian Revival Jeweled Parure - Very Rare The Pink Lady Collection $475.00
Deco Paste Bar Pin - “Czechoslov” Period Pieces $215.00
Gold Filled Heart Photo Locket with Cross Pendant 1920s Fiona Kenny Antiques $45.00