A natural jadeite jade pendant. Type (Grade) A jadeite. No treatment. vintagebeauty168 $430.00
Vintage Chinese, 14k gold carved turquoise dragon necklace Kingston Bay Gallery $1,050.00
Rare, Chinese Export, vermeil silver and butterscotch amber brooch pin Kingston Bay Gallery $650.00
Antique, Chinese, Qing Dynasty, carved tourmaline, jade court necklace Kingston Bay Gallery $4,450.00
Vintage, Chinese, natural carved Angel Skin Coral dragon bead necklace Kingston Bay Gallery $3,750.00
Vintage, Chinese, natural jadeite jade bead necklace 14k gold clasp Kingston Bay Gallery $1,895.00
Bedouin Amber Bakelite + Silver Beads Black Dog Antiques $375.00
19th Century Venetian Glass African Trade Bead Necklace E & M Perez $265.00
carved white jade dragon pendant Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts $2,200.00
carved white jade double dragon bangle Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts $600.00
Sterling Silver Pendant Carved Jade with Chain Vintages $495.00
Antique, Art Nouveau, Chinese silver and carved jadeite jade ring Kingston Bay Gallery $695.00
Antique, Deco, Chinese carved white jade Baltic amber bead necklace Kingston Bay Gallery $495.00
Fine Vintage Japanese Polychrome Ivory Bead Pendant Necklace Signed The Incurable Collector $250.00
Vintage, Chinese, silver and carved angel skin coral dragon pendant Kingston Bay Gallery $295.00
Vintage White Green Jadeite Jade Carved Pendant vintagebeauty168 $70.00
Vintage Chinese lapis lazuli bead necklace 2 carved dragon beads 14k Kingston Bay Gallery $725.00
Spectacular Hippie Boho Dangle Earrings 6 Inches Long GlitzQueen History and Art to Wear $120.00
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