Allen Pooyama Hopi earrings turquoise inlay 1940's art Oceanica $348.00
EARLY NAVAJO BRACELET orlando s. rigono $350.00
Superb old Navajo silver turquoise butterfly pin c 1930 Oceanica $439.00
Antique Vintage Angel Coral Pendant for Necklace Floral Aawsomblei Antique and Vintage Jewelry $245.00
Ethinc Sterling Plus Turquoise and Coral Cuff Bracelet Historic District Antiques $250.00
Deco Ivory Bangle Bracelet Historic District Antiques $300.00
PUEBLO CORAL & SILVER NECKLACE orlando s. rigono $1675.00
Large Medallion Hebrew 12 Tribes of Israel Gold Tone Gamut Plus Jewelry $45.00
Kee Joe Benally Navajo Native American silver earrings Oceanica $354.00
Vintage Natural Jadeite Simple Marquise Ring 18K St. Johns Art and Antiques On Request
NAVAJO CIGAR ASHTRAY orlando s. rigono $425.00
Very large Teke Turkomen pendant necklace Asian Ethnic Artifacts
NAVAJO PIN orlando s. rigono $55.00
Navajo Native American indian ear rings silver button Oceanica $45.00
Navajo Native American indian concha pin 1970's Oceanica $46.00
Old Iron Torque Black Dog Antiques $20.00
Nice older Hopi clip ear rings silver overlay Hopicraft Oceanica $56.00
AMITA KOMAI INLAID METAL BRACELET Antiques and Decor by Fiona $75.00