Art Deco Egyptian Revival Scarab Pendant Brooch Necklace Heirloom Estate Services $625.00
Vintage 18Kt Gold Men’s Sapphire and Diamond Three Stone Ring Antiques and Jewels on Main $1,950.00
Art Deco 14K Yellow Gold Sardonyx Ring 1920s 14 K Size 8-1/2 Fiona Kenny Antiques $149.00
Deco/Nouveau Lavalier, Purple Stones Period Pieces
Chinese enameled plaque pendant Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts $485.00
Art Deco 18k white gold 2ctw diamond brooch pin Kingston Bay Gallery $2,950.00
Antique Sapphire Diamond Wedding Ring Vintage Art Deco c.1920 Aawsomblei Antique and Vintage Jewelry $1,485.00
Art Deco 14k gold, natural jadeite jade and pearl brooch pin Kingston Bay Gallery $2,950.00
Art Deco 10K White Gold Synthetic Emerald Filigree Cocktail Ring 1920s Fiona Kenny Antiques $175.00
Art Deco 18k gold, natural Imperial jade and diamond brooch, pin Kingston Bay Gallery $3,895.00
Antique Color Change Sapphire Ring Vintage Art Deco 20s Wedding Ring Aawsomblei Antique and Vintage Jewelry $1,285.00
18ct Gold and Platinum Art Deco Peridot and Diamond Ring Steven Sher, Antique and Fine Jewellery $3,950.00
Vintage Star Sapphire Ring Antique Art Deco Wedding 18K Diamonds 30s Aawsomblei Antique and Vintage Jewelry $3,450.00
14kt Gold & Platinum green Tourmaline, Diamond Brooch Pendant John L. Young, Inc. $1,400.00
14K Ice Hockey Award Photo Locket Pendant with Diamond 1927 - Cayuga Fiona Kenny Antiques $495.00
10K Yellow Gold Purple Synthetic Sapphire Ring 1930s Art Deco Period Fiona Kenny Antiques $110.00
Art Deco, 14k gold and natural emerald green jadeite jade earrings Kingston Bay Gallery $895.00
Antique, Chinese, 18k gold jadeite jade and pearl ring Kingston Bay Gallery $550.00