Antique Georgian Pendant Necklace Gold Seed Pearls 1790 Aawsomblei Antique and Vintage Jewelry $3,850.00
GEORGIAN 15K REMEMBRANCE MOURNING RING w/ Pearls 1820 1830 15 K Hair Fiona Kenny Antiques $550.00
Georgian Sentimental Ring, Diamond Flower Granite Pail Collectibles $995.00
19th C Hand-Carved Unset Carnelian Intaglio Seal, Lion Granite Pail Collectibles $45.00
Fantastic Georgian Gold, Silver and Steel Chatelaine Granite Pail Collectibles $1695.00
Antique Moonstone Ring Vintage Georgian Victorian Large Aawsomblei Antique and Vintage Jewelry $695.00
Georgian Black Dot Paste Brooch Granite Pail Collectibles $495.00
Georgian Gold Stickpin with Sardonyx Cameo Portrait GlitzQueen History and Art to Wear $325.00
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Stunning Spanish Colonial Filigree and Pearl Earrings Granite Pail Collectibles $1295.00
Classical Georgian Garnet Diamond Ring Third Floor Antique Jewelry $2,750.00
Antique Georgian Garnet Turquoise Brooch Gold Victorian Aawsomblei Antique and Vintage Jewelry $795.00
Antique Coral Bracelet Georgian Victorian 18K Gold 1800 Aawsomblei Antique and Vintage Jewelry $1,275.00
Beautiful Georgian Ring, Gold, Garnet, Turquoise Granite Pail Collectibles $275.00
Antique 18K white gold diamonds dangle earrings Kingston Bay Gallery $2,300.00
A Pair Of Gold, Enamel And Diamond earrings, 18th C Gideon Antiques $2,800.00
Rare Antique Cameo Brooch 18K Coral Georgian 1800s Pin Aawsomblei Antique and Vintage Jewelry $695.00
Georgian Mourning Brooch, "Affection Weeps" Granite Pail Collectibles $995.00
Charles X Bronze Carnelian Erotic TEMPTATION Fob Seal Kensington House Antiques $595.00