Lyre Pin - 14k Rose Gold - Victorian Period Pieces $75.00
Antique, Victorian 14k gold, opal, diamond, seed pearl bangle bracelet Kingston Bay Gallery $1,895.00
18k Ruby Diamond Gypsy Ring - Hallmarks Period Pieces $325.00
Victorian 14K Gold, Onyx & Seed Pearl Earrings Kensington House Antiques $1,650.00
Heavy Victorian 18K Yellow Gold Fancy Link 46” Chain Necklace Kensington House Antiques $4,200.00
Victorian Onyx, Pearl, Enamel & 14K Yellow Gold Locket Kensington House Antiques $2,295.00
14K Crescent Moon Seed Pearls Victorian Honeymoon Pin Brooch 1900 Fiona Kenny Antiques $120.00
Maiden in Crescent Moon – Egyptian Revival Locket Period Pieces $475.00
15kt Garnet Pearl Ring – 1872! Period Pieces $1,225.00
Victorian 18K Yellow Gold Bear Stick Pin Kensington House Antiques $295.00
Victorian 14K Yellow Gold Fancy Link Chain Necklace Kensington House Antiques $2,750.00
Victorian 14K Gold Mythological Griffin Watch Fob Pendant Seal Kensington House Antiques $1,295.00
Gold and Gold Filled Watch Pin by SIMMONS Period Pieces $69.00
Large Antique Pietra Dura Necklace Set in 14K Gold Anna Marcel $599.00
Victorian 9K Gold Engraved Buckle Ring Kensington House Antiques $395.00
14k Rose Gold with Real Beetle - Stick Pin Period Pieces $135.00
1894 South Africa 1/2 Kruger Pond 22K Gold Coin Mining Brooch Pin Fiona Kenny Antiques $429.00
Victorian French Jet 9K Gold and Pearl Earrings with Silver Screwbacks Fiona Kenny Antiques $79.00