Early Handcolored Topographical Engraving of Staten Island STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $85.00
Moses after Franceso Barbieri called Guercino (1591-1666) SUSQUEHANNA Antique Company, Inc. $1,500.00
Audubon Bonapartian Gull, Plate CCCXXIV David Anthony $6,000.00
William Pitt Engraving, British, 1789 SUSQUEHANNA Antique Company, Inc. $150.00
Promenade St James Park, stipple engraving 1791 London Delaplane Antiques
Cornelius Visscher, engraving, "Het Gesprek (The Conversation)" New England Art Exchange $475.00
Rossi, Architectural Engravings, Roma, 1670 Set of Four SUSQUEHANNA Antique Company, Inc. $1,200.00
Thomas B. Lawson, engraving, "Daniel Webster with bust of Washington" New England Art Exchange $425.00
Two Cockers with Pheasant by Léon Danchin ( French1887 - 1938) STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $1,350.00
Anthony Van Dyck, engraving, "Adrianus Stalbent" c. 1700s New England Art Exchange $475.00
Frederic Remington - Cavalry Officer Acquest-Art $85.00
Capt Cook " Morai Burial Place Owhyhee A view of a Priests House" what pdx $445.00
Capt Cook Terreeoboo Gifts and The Death of capt Cook c 1788 what pdx $1,100.00
Capt Cook "Habitations and People of the Island of Atooi" c 1790 what pdx $445.00
Capt Cook "Landing Of Capt Cook at Tanna New Hebrides" 1790 what pdx $795.00
Capt Cook Voyage Engraving "The inside of a Hippa New Zealand " 1790 what pdx $750.00
An Offering Before Captain Cook, in the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii) what pdx $1,100.00
Swiss Engraving of Flüelen on Lake of 4 Cantons Acquest-Art $60.00