Print of Jacques van Artevelde by Henri Bellery-Desfontaines STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $375.00
Modernist Abstract Lithograph Toni Onley Antiquarian Art Co. $599.00
Symbolist Portrait Woman Edmond Aman Jean 1896 Antiquarian Art Co. $499.00
The Sugar Plum Tree M. Parrish Grignard Litho Co. 1905 Original Ed. Main Street Gallery USD $795.00
McKenney Hall Stone Lithograph Mo-hon-go Framed Hacienda ilon llc $485.00
Salvador Dali Hand-Signed "The Agony of Love" Lithograph W/ DALI COA! The Zep Tepi Emporium USD $2,940.00
The Banners of Allied Cities David Anthony $395.00
Ten of Staves (Salvador Dali) David Anthony $3,250.00
La Fenetre Ouverte David Anthony $350.00
Galerie Charpentier Exhibition Poster 1957 David Anthony $150.00
Yule Tide in Canada Chromolithograph David Anthony $260.00
Palace Courtyard - Lithograph David Anthony $395.00
James Monroe (Print) David Anthony $485.00
Four Seasons (Andew Wyeth) David Anthony $3,500.00
Children Fishing (Chromolithograph) David Anthony $325.00
Shadow Box Portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte David Anthony $675.00
Rare View of the Capitol by Joseph Pennell STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $3,450.00
A detailed 19th century lithograph of the Louvre, Paris France Delaplane Antiques $60.00