A Pencil Drawing of a Bijen-ga by Elizabeth Keith ?
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Gene Kloss, etching, "The Avenue" New England Art Exchange $625.00
Anders Zorn, etching, "The Swan" New England Art Exchange $1,675.00
Anders Zorn, etching, "The New Maid" New England Art Exchange $1,850.00
Etching by Francisco Goya, Plate 28 "La Tauromaquila" SANAI FINE ART & ANTIQUES $1,650.00
Print "The natives of Otaheite attacking Capy Wallis" c 1780 what pdx $120.00
Engraving "The natives of Otaheite Attacking Capt Wallis" C1780 what pdx $125.00
c.1780 "View of the Fleet of Otaheite" what pdx $125.00
C 1780 " View of the Island of Otaheite" Capt Wallis what pdx $99.00
Woodblock Engraving by Harold C Davies California Art Walnut Creek Antiquarian Art Co. $225.00
Hummingbirds original J. Gould Lithograph c.1850 Antiquarian Art Co. $795.00
Large print of Lord Nelson funeral procession on Thames 1806. Turner Delaplane Antiques $1,400.00
Charles Daubigny, etching, "Le Berger et la Bergère" New England Art Exchange $625.00
Antique Framed Photograph of General Nelson Miles American Civil War Sina's Antiques and Fine Arts $250.00
Harry Sternberg, etching, "Blast Furnace" New England Art Exchange $650.00
Edmund Blampied, etching, "Ostend Horse" New England Art Exchange $495.00
George Vernon Stokes, etching, Greyhounds New England Art Exchange $450.00
Karl Dehmann, etching, "Woolworth Building Through the Arch" New England Art Exchange $425.00